Are Second Amendment activists mentally stable?

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  1. badegg profile image75
    badeggposted 6 years ago

    Are Second Amendment activists mentally stable?

    I see so many people nowadays walking around with sidearms. I ask them why, and they usually say something like "I just want everybody to know that I know my Second Amendment rights!"
    How moronic is that? Everyone in America has the same rights under the the constitution, so why choose that one to illustrate so dangerously?

  2. Theophanes profile image94
    Theophanesposted 6 years ago

    Maybe, but do you really want to ask that? I mean they do have guns. wink There are nutters on all sides of every political issue, these ones just happen to be armed to the teeth, that's all, nothing more, nothing less.

    1. badegg profile image75
      badeggposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for that! smile
      ......and now from the peanut gallery......

  3. Timothius profile image81
    Timothiusposted 6 years ago

    In my opinion, there are two types of activist.... There are those that go overboard and always dress in military attire, carry a pistol everywhere, are members of the NRA, shoot regularly, own many military weapons and are generally aching for a situation where they can use their weapons.... then there are people that believe that gun ownership is a necessary tool in the balance of power between the government and the governed (as it was meant for in the constitution) and it is a personal choice whether to own one or two but is not a means as to wish to provoke hostilities or violence and is a great responsibility not to be taken lightly. Generally these people (like me) believe that gun ownership should not be taken as if you are going to war tomorrow but rather just the fact that owning the weapon is not just a right, but a gesture to the government that in order to grow bigger, they would have to subdue the population. The founders did not intend on people carrying weapons around on their hip like they do today with a permit. It was simply a means of survival (hunting, protection from Indians and raiders or animals, and as a governmental balance of power).
       The second amendment goes back to when the English armies, before the Revolutionary war, would raid houses for weapons and secure gunpowder reserves in order to forcefully exert the King's wishes on the population of the colonies. The founders always wanted Americans to have the power and ability to rise up, if necessary, to take back the government if needed. But, they also thought it wouldn't be necessary if we had leadership that represented the people effectively and created an environment that facilitated individual "pursuit of happiness".

    1. badegg profile image75
      badeggposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Absolutely. I think that the majority of the "Saturday Vigilantes" as I call them are ill informed as to the history behind the 2nd Amend. We also have the right to drink soda in public, but nobody wears a t-shirt saying so. Excellent response.

    2. profile image48
      Juellposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The founding fathers couldn't even imagine the types of weapons that many people have in their cars and homes nowadays or the number of weapons that are owned.

  4. brakel2 profile image79
    brakel2posted 6 years ago

    Probably many are. I do not believe that I would choose a neighbor with a gun over calling the police. That man in Florida tried that. All people who carry guns cannot be in one category as being trained shooters that   can come to someone's rescue, as suggested.

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