Why is the concept of learning centers/stations better than traditional teaching

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    flacoinohioposted 4 years ago

    Why is the concept of learning centers/stations better than traditional teaching methods?

    My son has been taught through the use of learning centers since Kindergarten.  He has been more challenged this year than he was in the past two years utilizing the centers as instructed by his teacher. Center time is now being used to socialize with peers and engage in activities other than classroom assignments.  He is passing but he is not progressing, his teacher says that it is due to his inability work independently while at the centers.  He then brings home unfinished classroom and additional homework assignments that he completes independently without the use of a learning center.

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    suzettenaplesposted 4 years ago

    It isn't necessarily.  Each child learns differently.  But learning stations focus on one learning subject or learning strategy.  The student then is usually challenged several ways at each learning station.  It helps to get the child up on his feet and moving around.  Some students need that stimulation to learn.  Also,  students are able to learn at their own pace.  They stay at a station until they have mastered the skill(s) taught there before moving on.  It helps to make learning more interesting and/or fun.  Each station can have a different approach or way of teaching the skill(s) and so the student experiences different methods of learning/teaching.  Sometimes learning stations are used as a reward for good behavior/ excellent work.  They are also helpful to teachers who have students of diverse levels of abilities in their classes.  You are seeing one of the disadvantages of using learning stations.  Your child may need some lessons and help in keeping his focus on his work and not so much socializing.  Perhaps you can help in this area.  Even students in whole class instruction have a hard time keeping still and not socializing.  Students also need to learn to adapt to the different teaching styles of their teachers and vice versa.  I suggest  a conference with the teacher and discuss with her your concerns and the two of you come together and decide the best teaching approach to r your child's needs.  Communication is important and the key between parents and teachers so that the best methods are used in teaching your child and he learns confidently.