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Any advice for becoming a teacher?

  1. chipped teacup profile image91
    chipped teacupposted 3 years ago

    Any advice for becoming a teacher?

    I have recently decided I want to go back to school to become a secondary English teacher.  I am seeking any advice, tips, or tricks to help me as I travel the path through grad school to the classroom.   Thank you!


  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    1. Be very realistic about your income potential as a teacher.
    Too often you hear teachers complaining about the low pay as if they did not research teacher salaries (before) they chose teaching as a profession! That's kind of scary.
    2. We live in an era where (many) parents are NOT on the same side of the teachers and school administrators. "The child is always right."
    3. Poor performing students equate to poor performing teachers! The politicians will never blame it on "poor parenting" or on the lack of a parent's interest in providing an atmosphere for studying at home.
    After all the parents are the constituents who voted for them!
    I suspect things might be better in private or charter school systems where parents have a financial investment on the line to insure their child succeeds at a school which has a long waiting list of students dying to take their place.
    I know being realistic often comes across as being negative. Nevertheless most people have no problem with figuring out the "upside" to decisions. Smart people are just as aware of the pitfalls.

    1. chipped teacup profile image91
      chipped teacupposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      @dashingscorpio Thank you for your comment!  This list gave me some things to consider that I had not thought about before.  Very Helpful!

  3. Josh Makaveli profile image34
    Josh Makaveliposted 3 years ago

    Teaching is the most respectable profession on earth and the income generating from this profession has super effects smile (It never ends)
    The most important tip for teaching in a class is "TALK, CHALK AND WALK"
    TALK = A teacher must always be speaking in the class but not students
    WALK = Teacher must be walking in the rows so all students be attentive
    Chalk = And a teacher must write on the board so students wont forget anything.

  4. chef-de-jour profile image96
    chef-de-jourposted 3 years ago

    Well done! To be a teacher is a great thing but you'll need guts, organisation and a thick skin to succeed. Be prepared for lots of work, surprises and priceless rewards.
    As you travel this often winding uphill path bear in mind that to be a good teacher you'll need to get the balance right, in the class and in your head.
    Being a teacher means you'll learn how to be a:

    manager - just think, all those smiling faces, all those individual temperaments....in need of encouragement, control and yes, discipline...

    coach - you must nurture, cajole, reward.......challenge, push, raise expectations...

    guru - you'll have the tricks of the trade, the knowledge, the know how to get your students over the finishing line..... with the highest grades!!

    GET TO KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Exploit the former, work hard on the latter.

    As a teacher you'll have to follow a curriculum and hit targets and what not but you'll also have the beauty of learning from your students, of watching them progress as human beings, of helping them achieve and become more rounded personalities.Hopefully.

    Get to know which age group you really want to teach. Go for it.

    There'll be times when you want and need help. Seek it. Ask. Don't let shyness get in the way of progress. Be prepared. Rehearse. Work on speaking in front of groups, stand up and deliver. Know your lesson plan, use it as a guide but be aware of students who need a little bit more.
    Go for perfection yes but add a dose of reality to any ideals you may have. Ground yourself. Learn from the more experienced......

    I wish you all strength and happiness in your studies!!

    1. teaches12345 profile image94
      teaches12345posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Great advice by Chef.  Teaching is a rewarding career, but it is a lot of work.  Knowing what you face early on will help keep you grounded.  Inspiring the love of learning is a worthy pursuit!

  5. JessieLong8208 profile image77
    JessieLong8208posted 3 years ago

    Never get set in your ways!

    Too many teachers have been doing the same thing forever. The world of education is always evolving, and you cannot refuse to evolve, as well.

    Always be willing to change yourself and your methods to better your students. You should never try to change your students to better you.

  6. Wiseyoungowl profile image78
    Wiseyoungowlposted 3 years ago

    Welcome! I'm a fellow secondary English teacher. I taught for 4.5 years in high school before I stopped to get my master's and doctorate in English Education. After the doctorate, I'll be returning to the classroom to disseminate my wealth of knowledge.

    One question that you will have to answer yourself is this: Why do you want to teach?

    Your answer to that will ultimately control your motivation, your resilience, your impact, your dedication, your length of teaching, etc. So answer that question first.

    Also, as you go through your grad classes, you may encounter different teaching techniques and ideas. Understand that in order for them to work for you, you have to make them your own. Tweak what you need and make it fit into your style and your students; otherwise, the most ingenious activity will be just as empty as a deflated balloon.

    I hope that helps.