Would you rather be rich or wealthy? Why? What does money mean to you? What does

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    WordsNeverSilentposted 3 years ago

    Would you rather be rich or wealthy? Why? What does money mean to you? What does wealth mean to you?

    Why is it that someone of the richest people are not considered wealthy. Because if a person is rich, then they have a steady income that keeps them in the high life. But if for some reason or another, the money stops coming so does their status. Then there are the wealthy, who will never have to work, struggle or worry about finances ever. Is it better to retain wealth or become rich? Honestly, it does not matter. Money pays the bills and buys things. It doesn't mend broken hearts, though some will say otherwise.

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    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    The primary difference between being rich and being wealthy is having lifelong financial independence/security.
    There have been many instances of rich people becoming poor or forced to live a lower lifestyle due to major changes in their finances. Wealth on the other hand continues almost on automatic pilot.
    Many athletes are multi-millionaires who are paid by "wealthy" team owners. Another example would be Bill Gates. Every time there is a purchase of a desktop computer or laptop in the world he gets a percentage for Microsoft Explorer and potentially other Microsoft software products that are preloaded on these systems. Money pours in 24/7 even while he sleeps or is on vacation. It's non-stop.
    Being poor doesn't mend broken hearts either. Although some believe poverty is a virtue.