What are the major things we must remember when try to get admission in an unive

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    icvposted 2 years ago

    What are the major things we must remember when try to get admission in an university ?

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    Besarienposted 2 years ago

    Most universities look for well-rounded people with a bright future ahead of them. Even if your grades, school records, and test scores are excellent, be certain to emphasize the non-academic aspects of your life that will tell the admissions committees how deserving you are. List anything that will give you an advantage over all the other people who also want that one spot in the next freshman class. Include previous job experiences, community and church involvement, scholarships, grants and awards won, musical or artistic achievements, acting credits, military service or Peace Corps, businesses you own or started and sold, anything you have written and had published, sports achievements, charity work, elected offices held, appointments to boards, service club memberships, websites you have built, languages you have learned, any positions of leadership or examples of teambuilding, professional certifications you have received, as well as personal goals accomplished. So, if you ran your first marathon, draw a weekly web comic, taught your cousin Klingon, dug wells in Liberia one summer, just got your real estate license renewed, were elected President of the Chess Club, patented a shrimp peeler, and write Hub Pages in your spare time, don't keep any of that a secret.