What are my legal choices and how should I go about handling this situation?

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    NicoleGoodellposted 20 months ago

    What are my legal choices and how should I  go about handling this situation?

    I have been banned from a super one foods after being wrongfully accused of shoplifting. I opened a cold medicine box so I could read the label on the bottle, and in the midst of trying to compare all the different cold medicines cuz my son, boyfriend, and myself were extremely sick, but because our symptoms weren't exactly the same , I was trying to find a medicine that would help all of us,  I put the box back but I forgot to put the bottle back inside and accidently put it in my pocket along with my phone, money, cigs and lighter.  I continued shopping and soon realized I had it in my pocke

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    tamarawilhiteposted 20 months ago

    That does look REALLY suspicious.
    You don't have to open the box to read the label on the outside that has all the info the FDA requires. Sounds suspicious.
    Putting the box back but not the bottle beside it is suspicious.
    Putting it in your pocket versus in the basket to buy looks suspicious.
    If you say yeah, I made a major mistake, let me pay for it and recompense, maybe it is resolved.
    Legally, you have no recourse in this case given all of the red flags.