Vets office say orangish tan areas on my kitten aren't the right color to be cal

  1. Regenia Cook profile image61
    Regenia Cookposted 21 months ago

    Vets office say orangish tan areas on my kitten aren't the right color to be calico. Are they right?

    It is white and black with very small, very light colored tannish orange or orangish tan on inner leg areas, at base of ears and at genital and rectal areas, and one pale pinkish ear. Office personnel said the orange spots are not the right color to classify as a calico. I thought regardless of hue or size of areas, if 3 different colors are present it meant the cat was calico. The kitten is very loving, playful, unafraid of dogs or other cats of any size, and loves to sleep in the dog kennel with our beagle. Oh and it's male.

  2. Natalie Frank profile image97
    Natalie Frankposted 21 months ago

    It's difficult to tell without seeing more of your cat. I'll give you some basic information which will hopefully let you determine the answer.  First, many cats appear to have three colors, but are not true calicos.
    A true calico must have one of its colors derived from the red gene -- either red (orange) or a light, orangy beige like a deep ginger. If it does not have one of these two colors, it is not a true calico. The second color must be white, and the third color must be black, blue (a blue-gray), chocolate, lilac (a pale rose-beige), cinnamon, or fawn (a pale buff color). Black and blue are by far the most common.

    Second, almost all calico cats are female due to genetics. When a calico is a male, it is considered to be due to a "genetic misfire".  Only 1 in 3000 calico cats is male. A male tricolor cat is a genetic misfire. Cats sex chromosomes are similar to ours in that females have an XX and males have an XY  In the case of male calicos, genetically, instead of being XY, he is XXY. Like us animals are meant to have chromosomes in pairs, and having three chromosomes where he is supposed to have two can cause health problems. It also almost always causes sterility. It is possible that your cat is not a true genetic calico, but merely has unusual markings that make him resemble one.  This also goes for other tricolors including tortoiseshell and torbies.  Check here for pictures of true calicos … t_Pictures


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