Do you think the artistes lil wayne can rebirth into rock?

  1. Funkeysociety profile image55
    Funkeysocietyposted 8 years ago

    i was playing rebirth by lil wayne and i do think this guy as a lot more to say when it come down to explaining emotions and wisdom.

  2. munirahmadmughal profile image59
    munirahmadmughalposted 7 years ago

    "Do you think the artist lilwayne can rebirth into rock?"

    This a tribute to the fact that practice makes a man perfect. But the thing to be seen is who is the Creator of all art and artists? How graceful He is. How Kind He is? How Generous in besrtowing favours of many and multiple kinds on mankind He is? Artists feel the beat of peoples pulse. They lead to the right course when they they themselves are on teh Right Path.

    May God bless all.