Use of Airship police

  1. john142 profile image59
    john142posted 8 years ago

    In the first century, airships were only used for transporting passengers and heavy equipment from one location to another. However, with the passage of time, they were increasingly used for advertising purposes. Airships provide a platform to promote products and services as an inexpensive and profitable. A surprising recent development is a new concept that highlights the benefits of the use of airships for espionage purposes. The police, security agencies and military departments are planning the use of airships for espionage purposes of controlling various types of crimes. On the other hand, the police use of airships for many other purposes, such as traffic control, search and rescue, observation and control riots.

    Using airships for traffic control

    An increase in the number of cars on the road causing traffic problems as different accidents, congestion, pollution and many others. Usually, the police are responsible for traffic control, but sometimes the task becomes too complicated for them because of serious congestion. In such situations, airships can help police decide how that would control the traffic and get rid of congestion. Currently, police in Germany and the United States use these airships for this particular purpose.

    Usage Tracking for speeding

    Around the world, different rules and regulations are defined on the vehicle speed to avoid accidents. The police are responsible to check and balance of citizens who do not respect speed limits. Previously, speed limits have been controlled by cameras, but in some cases, catching the culprit was considered difficult by the police because of the speed. However, airships are now used by police to arrest those who cross speed limits set. The emergence of airships has made it easy for police departments because the airships could stay aloft for long periods while consuming much less fuel. In addition, a single balloon can match even entire cities for the detection of vehicles speeding.


    The police are also responsible for ensuring peace and harmony in their areas. However, sometimes riots occur between agencies and citizens in such situations, the police face many difficulties in controlling the scenario. In such cases, the airships are very useful to control the situation because police officers can easily identify the problem area and can manage effectively.


    The company's most famous airship manufacturer is a corporation under the name "Company Good Year", now working on the design of airships espionage capabilities. Hidden Cameras are installed in rigid airships, which are outside used for advertising purposes. In this way, these airships work, not only for advertising, but they also serve spy airships for the police. Videos recorded by these aircraft are then analyzed by police officers. Even Today Today, these aircraft are used by countries to spy on the activities of neighboring countries.

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    Will Bensonposted 8 years ago

    John - I think you ended up posting your Hub in the Forum (wrong place). Try again.
    It is a great read though, I love airships. smile


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