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    charlsetsang01posted 7 years ago

    Let's say you're tired of buying DVDs, only to have them scratched and become unplayable. Or you are planning a traveling but afraid that several hours long journey will be boring without any entertainment? What should you do? What are your options?

    Well, a lot of people will create a backup of their DVD on their hard drive. This is a great way to protect your fragile DVDs. And also, to have some entertainment on the way, you can even rip the DVD movie to your portable devices, such as mobile phone, iPod, to enjoy them any time anywhere!  I'm sure you won't have a boring trip by doing this. In order to do that, you need what is called a DVD Ripper.

    Some people are wondering what DVD ripper is. To put it simply, a DVD Ripper takes the information encoded on the DVD, and transfers it to your hard drive. In a sense it "rips"; the information off of the DVD. Of course, this is simple in theory, but complex in execution. Depending upon the type of DVD Ripper you use, you may end up with either a high-quality video, or something that is impossible to watch. Or, you may run into a corrupted file, or even worse. There can be a lot of headaches involved, unless you choose the right DVD ripping software.
    You need a DVD Ripper that can properly handle a variety of formats, and which is more important, easy to use. Earthsoft DVD Ripper makes the conversion so easy to handle. No professional skills required and no complicated operations needed. Just a few clicks of the mouse, everything is done quickly. So just let the complex ripping job done by this powerful DVD ripping tool, you click, and we convert!