What size would an atom's universe be if it was proportional to ours

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    Emile Rposted 6 years ago

    I realize this is impossible and a foolish question, for all the obvious reasons I'm sure will be posted, but I was bored and got to thinking about it and decided it would be an interesting nit noid fact to know.

    No search engine I used had any information. The closest I could find was the size of an atom in relationship to an apple. I wanted to compare it to the solar system. So I grabbed some paper and the calculator and figured it up.

    Everything seemed reasonable until I got to the last calculation and it seems high, so I'm wondering if I made a mistake along the way.

    Has anyone thought about this, or seen somewhere that had an answer to such a dumb question? I'm interested in finding out how far off I am, or if I'm right and just didn't have a visual grasp of the magnitude of the observable universe.