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Salt Shaker Frog Games

Updated on April 18, 2014

Salt and Pepper Shaker Frogs as Game Pieces

Salt and Pepper Shaker Frogs can be fun playing pieces for children when your classroom or homeschool is using an amphibian theme. I am constantly looking for new and innovative ideas for teaching my children. One day I ran across some delightful little frog shaped salt and pepper shakers and instantly saw the possibilities. They could be used as playing pieces for board games. We could make up games and use the frog shakers as pons.

Our first game was a vocabulary game where children drew frog shaped cards and if they were able to use the word in a sentence they could move the frogs along a path of lily pads drawn on a blue sheet of poster board. They loved the game and we began inventing more...

Come discover some of the other games we invented using frog themed salt and pepper shakers ...

Photo Credit: Australian Green Tree Frog by samit4me

Used under creative commons

What could you do with a pair of frog salt and pepper shakers?

We drew a board game on the driveway and made a huge frog pond with lily pads for spaces to move on. We used frog words that we had collected on index cards to read and see how far each frog could jump. We have used the number of letters in the word, the number of syllables or the sound of the first letter of the word to see how many spaces we could hop.

Wonderful frog learning ideas abound...

Frog Game for Beginning Readers

Beginning Reading Frog Game

When my children were just beginning to read I introduced them to the game "I Will Go!". All you need is a grid for moving your pieces, a playing piece for each player and a deck of cards instructing the players who will go each time.

Please note that in this game, each player must read the card they choose themselves or the instructions will not make sense.

Create a deck of cards with the following instructions:

I will go.

You will go.

I will not go.

You will not go.

We will go.

We found some frog stickers to place on the top left corner of each card so that the kids would know for sure which side was up. We used frog stickers to continue the frog theme.

For a grid we used a checker board. Then we used salt and pepper shakers for the playing pieces.

Salt and Pepper Frogs - Frogs for Games

People have been making unique salt and pepper shaker frogs for many years. I have found that the nicest ones are often found at yard sales, antique shops and eBay. I have been collecting salt and pepper frogs for years. Below you will see the most recent ones for sale. Stock up on them because there are many games that require more than two playing pieces.

These adorable frog salt and pepper shakers are fun to use for sorting and graphing as well.

Frog Themed Chess Set - Frog Chess

It is fun to create your own Frog Chess set using amphibian themed condiment containers. Of course you will want to purchase the plenty of plain frogs to use as pons. I was delighted to find ones with crowns to use as the king and queen. Can you find castles?


These green frogs make great pons.

Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Princess and Frog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 3-1/2-Inch
Westland Giftware Mwah Magnetic Princess and Frog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 3-1/2-Inch

Use the princess as the bishop and the frog as a knight. Don't forget that you will need two of these for one side of the board.

Kiss a lot of Frogs Royal Salt & Pepper Shakers Set S/P
Kiss a lot of Frogs Royal Salt & Pepper Shakers Set S/P

Here are the king and queen frogs for your Chess set.

DAPRIL BURTON-664332 3453 1231232, one Size, Green
DAPRIL BURTON-664332 3453 1231232, one Size, Green

Stalwart as a castle, these frogs would make strong rooks flanking the line up of frog themed salt and pepper shakers


Have you ever thought about using salt and pepper shakers for game pieces? I have always thought they were too cute to just set out on the table a couple of times a years. One day my children and I were dusting our collection and started to brainstorm ideas. How about you? Have you ever made up your own games?

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