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How to become a Successful College Student

Updated on December 16, 2016

How to become a Successful College Student

Success in life or anything someone does comes through hard work and dedication, but before one can succeed they need to be equipped with all the necessary skills that will help them to become successful in life. In today’s society having a college degree is a very important step to securing a well paying job, but having a college degree alone won’t be of help if an individual isn’t equipped with the necessary skills that employers are looking for. In addition, most employers these days are looking for highly skills college graduates with all the necessary skills to do their job.

However, it is my belief that for students to become successful in college they must be equipped with all the necessary skills that are vital to surviving college and hopefully finding a job within their chosen field. Therefore, it is my belief that there are certain competencies, skills, and habits that students must develop to become a successful student. In addition of most importance to succeeding in college students should have firm learning competencies such as good communication, creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills as well as having information literacy capabilities.

However, it is my belief that the following skills are very important to students, employees working in their careers, and also business owners. Communication skills, computer skills, human relations, listening skills, writing skill and good critical thinking as well creative thinking skills, time management and organization skills.

It is my belief that college students and every individual working in their career should develop the habits of always motivating themselves to strive for excellence in what they do on a daily basis. Most people who become successful in life are coming from a long way to get where they are today. If you read or hear most success stories, most people credit their success to working hard and being persistent in what they do as a reason for their success. Working hard and being persistent is the way that can lead you to great success in college, your career and in life. Well for me I believe good communication, human relations, computer skills, time management and organizational skills are vital to my success in college and my future career.

However, I believe of these skills my communication, human relation, computer and organizational skills are my strengths but there is always room for improvement to work on my critical thinking, information literacy, creative thinking and test taking skills. In addition, I am taking the time to improve all my skills starting now so that I will be better able to market my skills to employers, It is my belief that success in life comes through hard work, commitment and dedication.


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    • Sammy16 profile image

      Sammy16 16 months ago from NY

      You're welcome, thanks.

    • profile image

      sanaja 4 years ago

      thank-you for giving this advice

    • profile image

      E. Ahuja 6 years ago

      Dear writer

      Excellent!I agree with you. I followed same path and I am still following same in my life.



    • Cyprian Henry profile image

      Cyprian Henry 6 years ago from Nigeria, Lagos

      Great One here. I believe these tips will help me and others

    • profile image

      Timothy Clark 8 years ago

      Check out my blog on becoming a successful student!