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Geniusity Versus Witchcrafty

Updated on September 25, 2013


It seems as though the western world has lowered their standards of nomenclature as regards human conduct; refusing to call a spade a spade. The users of black magic such as witches, wizards, necromancers, illumnatti, eckankar and other categories have not really been considered in the reality of their evil practices. They only refer them as men who have gained exceptional use of their mind. For with their mind (I mean the latent power of the soul) they could do so many things that is difficult to imagine and go further into doing some physical things with their mind which in the real sense of it should be done with the body. This is the major point of difference between a genius and a witch. Geniusity has nothing to do with diving into the area where God as not permitted man to touch in his component (i.e the latent power of the soul). It is an aberration of nature for in doing this, man must employ the use of black magic (demons) in order to have access to that power.

The human mind and it controversies

The human mind is the major and active part of a man’s soul necessary for hold1ing and processing as well as creation of unknown or unfamiliar instructions. It contains in it, what we call the motivator, personality, self-identity and power of self-will. Obviously, man is made a tripartite being that could exist concurrently or isolatedly in these 3 states just like any matter. He could exist as:

  • A body
  • A soul
  • A spirit

BODY: with his body, he contacts the physical and natural world. The physical body of a man makes it possible for him to successfully exist or survive in the terrestrial world.

SPIRIT: with this component of man, he has the capacity to exist and survive in the spiritual world. Man is thus referred to as a physical being as well as a spiritual being. in the spirit is contained information from man’s manufacturer or creator. The spirit of man contains the manufacturer information for the successful running of the other parts as well as his life.

SOUL: this is the major aspect we intend to deal with in this article. The soul of man is referred to the component with which man contacts the world of intellectuals. From the latter discussions we could see there is a:

  • physical realm
  • spiritual realm
  • intellectual realm

The soul of man makes it possible for man to contact the intellectual world. It is the seat of creative reasoning and thoughts. It is the platform for logic, rationalization, critics as well as solution. However, it should be noted that the most important or most sensitive part of the soul is what we call the mind. The mind is a faculty of the soul that possess a mental and intellectual power beyond any man’s reasoning.

The conflicts

Scientists and psychologist have often argued over the issue of the soul of man as well as the mind. They have unsuccessfully try to explain the physical location of what we call the mind or the soul.

Some argued that the mind is located in the brain as well as the soul since there exist much similarity with the active functions of the mind and that of the brain.

Others opined that the mind of a man is located somewhere near the heart or definitely inside the heart of course they are not talking anatomically. They went further to saying: there exist a link that is yet to be discovered between the location of the mind in the heart and the brain. They called it an information link, very different from nervous co-ordinations.

Some others yet elicited that the mind and soul should never be regarded or associated to a physical location. They concluded that, the soul is an imaginary region in man that has a close connection with the mind.

As far as my knowledge in psychology is concerned, I will in one way or the other agree to the first and last arguments especially due to the discoveries of What Sperry and Ornstein; the Nobel prize winner in the 1960’s and 1970’s who discovered that the two sides of the brain are linked together by a complex nerve fibres called corpus collosum dealing with different types of mental activities, but we are not really interested in all these in this article. The idea of calling the brain the location of the mind explains the advent of psychotic disorders especially schizophrenia (splitting of the mind) and the measures employed in managing the disorder.

Obviously, all these three natures of man has the ability and capacity to grow or expand. Although, our mentality has been limited to the fact that only the physical body grows while in the real sense, all the three natures of man has the capacity to grow, increase and expand. The rate, degree and proportion of growth of those components of man in relation to another is what differentiates a genius from a witch and from a dullard.

Exceptional use of the mind

From our discussions so far, we understand that the mind has a capacity to expand, but the question is how does it happen? What are the things that makes it expand? Well the answers to those questions is as simple as answering the question of what must you do to grow in your physical body? And your answer to that question will be to eat a balanced diet and avoid as much as possible any kind of infection and build your muscles by using them otherwise they will atrophy. The same applies to the mind; you simply increase the capacity of your mind by feeding it with mental or intellectual information, avoid feeding it with unnecessary and polluting information like evil thoughts, pornographies. They will only corrupt that portion of you, occupy large space and reduce the capacity of your mind. The third thing is, making use of the mind as much as you can! It is made to dive into the world of intellectuals, make it do so by:

  • practicing creative thinking
  • practicing critical reasoning
  • practicing abstract thinking
  • practicing logical reasoning
  • practicing intellectual rationalization

do anything you feel can be done to task the brain. By this the mind expands and you gain mastery of it.


Geniusity is built on this level; the level of living in the intellectual world, they feel much more at home there. The reason is this; the capacity is increased and there is room enough for them to stay. These are the proportion of development of the natures of man in Geniusity in terms of their cognitive properties:






Body.......................spirit....................... soul

Moderate/high........ moderate/high.........high

The first and second categories are genius made as a result of some kind of congenital abnormalities from the mother’s womb or as a result of some kind of organic brain disorders like epilepsy or other medical condition that affects the brain. This most times happens when they are at a tender age; they are called savants. These categories of people exist little in the physical realm; they exhibit association or social defects, self-care deficit giving no regards to physical or normal things. No spiritual concerns but have a well developed mind although few of them may have a moderate or high level of the development of their spirit.

The last category is the one’s i referred to as the best kind of genius. They have been able to balance the three components of man in terms of development.


This is the illegal or crafty way of manipulating the three components of man in order to perpetrate evil. In this situation, the capacity or function of the mind is being enhanced by psychic forces and manipulations. This is done by introducing certain demons into the being of such individuals that will give their soul capacity beyond measure and not only capacity but also the ability to control the other nature or components of man from the soul. This explains the reason why some call themselves atheist and find it difficult to believe in the existence of God.

In the real sense, their spirit was to be used to contact their creator (God) but they now contact everything with their soul or mind. As such they encounter limitations in believing certain things which was not meant to be believed in the intellect. It was meant to be believed with the spirit!

Witch crafty

Body....................... soul ................................. spirit

Little/moderate/high ........ high ............................ nil

.......................................................................Demon occupies

Every practices that exceptionally uses the mind either to perpetrate evil or do exceptional things that seems like an aberration of nature is witch crafty. Some of which includes:

  • yoga games
  • acupuncture
  • astral projecting
  • kungfu fight
  • karate
  • space travel
  • awkward meditations
  • induced dreams

Witch crafty versus Geniusity; the thin line

The easiest thing to do is to sway into witch crafty from an innocent pursuit of Geniusity. But one thing that keeps your head safe is the development of all the natures of man including the spirit. Once the spirit of man is constantly fed with spiritual meats of the word of God (bible), it definitely will be free from the enemy’s onslaught and avoid being high-jacked by demons.

This generation awaits true Geniusity.....


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