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Global Warming, climate change alert

Updated on December 26, 2016

The end is near. Unless we wake up and act. Time is the essence, the key, ultimate thing which can save our mother earth from becoming lifeless. We are answerable to our future generation. What do we have to say to them? That manage this earth that we have exploited to its core and leave them in the horrifying conditions to survive. Won't they blame us and hate us that we reproduced them to suffer?

The global warming conference took place at Bali with all the major nations taking part in it. Except some of the differences almost all agreed to cut down the emission rates(of carbon dioxide) to nearly half. Still there would be conflict between the developed and developing nations. Each blaming the other and making excuses. Well If we don't act quickly we would keep making excuses and perhaps the conflict between them could be more deadly than the world war itself. It would be fitting to say that it would be the third and ultimate world war in which the whole of life species of this planet would suffer.

It's not only the governments of the nations doing their bid for the environment but we common man should also do something for our beloved mother earth which is crying for our help. For instance People should never mind using a bicycle instead of cars and bikes for short distance travels. Conservation of natural resources like crude oils, water, electricity, food, space, money etc can go a long way in doing some good to the nature. Living lifestyles which are nature friendly. Having synergy, love and respect for nature and inculcating these habits in our future generation should help make this world a better place. There's lot to do in short span of time which we have made hard for us . So the message is clear "Act now", Save our planet. We have only one!


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    • profile image

      :po: 9 years ago

      wake up people the environment is changing and most of the change is bad for the earth!!!

    • profile image

      :] [: 9 years ago

      wow i must think of the environment more!!