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good attitude sayings

Updated on October 28, 2009

good sayings on attitude

   There is danger in both belief and unbelief.
  ~Author : Phaedrus Famous attitude Quotes

   We must not always judge of the generality of the opinion by the noise of the acclamation.
  ~Author : Edmund Burke Inspirational attitude Sayings

   It is only the great hearted who can be true friends. The mean and cowardly, Can never know what true friendship means.
  ~Author : Charles Kingsley Nice Quotes

   If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters.
  ~Author : Nora Ephron Great Sayings

   You live, you learn You love, you learn You cry, you learn You lose, you learn You bleed, you learn You scream, you learn
  ~Author : Alanis Morissette Meaningful Sayings

   Identity would seem to be the garment with which one covers the nakedness of the self, in which case, it is best that the garment be loose, a little like the robes of the desert, through which one's nakedness can always be felt, and, sometimes, discerned. This trust in one's nakedness is all that gives one the power to change one's robes.
  ~Author : James Arthur Baldwin Popular Sayings

   Error is discipline through which we advance.
  ~Author : William Ellery Channing Wise Quotes

   The secret of my success is that at an early age I discovered I was not God.
  ~Author : Sri da Avabhas Witty Sayings

   The essence of all jokes, of all comedy, seems to be an honest or well intended halfness; a non performance of that which is pretended to be performed, at the same time that one is giving loud pledges of performance. The balking of the intellect, is comedy and it announces itself in the pleasant spasms we call laughter.
  ~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson Motivational attitude Sayings

   Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness.
  ~Author : George Jean Nathan Famous Quotes

   Using words to describe magic is like using a screwdriver to cut roast beef.
  ~Author : Tom Robbins Inspirational Sayings

   Never knock on Death's door ring the bell and run away Death really hates that
  ~Author : Matt Frewer Nice attitude Quotes


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      Mohit 7 years ago


      is the only thats make you different from others. MJ

    • profile image

      Joisar Mohit 7 years ago

      GIRLS are the second mistake creat by GOD, the first is LOVE


      ././././In sort BOTH are BEAUTIFUL././././

    • profile image

      Mohit 7 years ago

      We always find faults in others But...

      what about you my DEAR........