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Google Translate, Google Translate Button

Updated on January 4, 2011

Google translate web page, Google web page translation

If you want to translate any web page on the internet easily, just drag and drop the translation button on the bookmark bar of your web browser. I think there is also one translation button over official toolbar of Google. Now the Chrome internet web browser providing the facility of web page translation.

There are also so many websites now a days providing the facility of Google translate. They just put the Google translate button over their webpages. So that if any visitor of their website wants the information in his own primary language, then he can just choose the option about his language, and read the content of the website in his own language.

Google translate button

You can find the Google translation button over here. This button is available in the 58 languages in the world. Now suppose you know German language or French language, just bring the cursor of your mouse over the name of your language, hold the left click, drag and drop your button over the menu bar of your web browser. You can do this with any language.

How to use google translation

Now you can translate any page on the internet. Now if you are reading any English page, and you want to translate that button in your language, just click on the Google translate button on the menu bar of your internet web browser. The English page will get translate in your language.

Google translate firefox

Firefox is the best internet web browser for using Google translate button. You can easily drag and drop the Google translate button on the Firefox internet web browser's links toolbar. And then it becomes very easy to translate and read any webpage on the internet.

Google translate text, webpages, documents

Google translate text

Along with this button you can translate any texts by using Google translate text over here. Select the language to 'translate from' and then select the language to 'translate to'. This is the very useful tool that you can use for your convenience.

About Google translate

Google translate is yet in the primary state for so many languages. You can not say that the translated page is the perfect translation of the original page. So Google provided you the facility to edit the translated page. Thus you can help Google by editing their translated page. In future Google translation will become perfect. Future of Google translation is very bright.


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I love the translate buttons - have used them often. Bing I believe shows the original and the translation side by side.