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Haunting Graveyard Stories

Updated on July 29, 2017

Let Me Tell You Something

Some people are great at telling stories. Some stories are great no matter who tells them. But there are a select few who can take a story and tell it in such a way they the listener is drawn into the story. There is such a group of people here in the Edmonton area. They belong to T.A.L.E.S. (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling).

T.A.L.E.S. has been around for a long time - 29 years I believe - and they meet at this point in time at least once a month to have a tell-a-round. Mostly they gather in some cafe and tell stories to those willing to listen. A number of times during the year they hold concerts and bring in story tellers from across the country and around the world. The biggest of these concert events in held on Sept long weekend at Fort Edmonton Park. But that is not what I am here to tell you.

Dress for the Mystery - - no dress for the weather.

Mind Alternating Experience

Mind Alternating Experience
Mind Alternating Experience

Chills and Thrills - -or was it just a cold wind

I don't know if it is superstition or coincidence but promptly at 8:30 the scheduled concert of storytelling started and at 8:31 it started to rain. The emcee of the event started to explain that this was the third annual event held in the graveyard and every time its rained. The more she talked about the rain the harder it seemed to rain. The umbrellas went up and people crouched under plastic sheets and tarps but the stories were starting and a bit of rain wasn't going to stop them.

When our first storyteller took to the steps and started her story, we strained to hear through the drops and true to form she drew us in and we soon forgot about the rain. By the time she finished and left us looking around behind us with the chills running down our backs, the rain had ended.

The Atmosphere Makes It So... - - seeing is believing - I think

graveyard stories
graveyard stories

It was close to two and half hours of stories with five tellers sharing scary or creepy tales. The ones I like the best were the ones telling the true tales of the area. It is said the truth is better than fiction.

The surrounding graveyard and classic mausoleum were the perfect backdrop to these tales. Mind you they were not your typical campfire stories filled with gore and ghosts. I was kind of expecting that type of story when I first heard where the telling event was going to be located.

They touted the event by saying, "bring you lawn chair, a flashlight, an umbrella and a friend to see you safely home." So you anticipated the event to come before you even got there. I was quite pleased with the turnout and I'll be back next year if I am able.

Maybe your town has something similar.

Start Your Own Story Telling Group

You can do it.

Gather a group of friends.

Tell stories you have read, hear or wrote yourself.

Practice telling.

Then find the best place to provide the right atmosphere.

Do it for free or collect for a charity.

Famous Last Words

I forgot to mention - All photos are my own using my Samsung WD600 (that survived a weekend dunking in the canoe no less)

All proceeds from this lens will be donated to the T.A.L.E.S. chapter in Edmonton.

Buy lot's and start your own story telling event.

Do You Have A Story To Tell?

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    • Northerntrials profile image

      Northerntrials 4 years ago

      @Coffee-Break: I love haunted house stories. I was visiting a house that was abandoned for similar reasons and it was a lovely old house, still furnished with everything draped etc. In the sun-room or enclosed porch there was a old rocking chair . I love old rocking chairs and when I approached to get a better look it started rocking by itself. If it was on a porch outside I would have said wind but this was an enclosed

    • Coffee-Break profile image

      Dorian Bodnariuc 4 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

      I have a friend whose house was haunted. The house was shared with other co-renters, who were all scared about this. They brought a priest and that seemed to have stopped the haunting.

    • Northerntrials profile image

      Northerntrials 4 years ago

      @DANCING COWGIRL: Those are the best... :)

    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 4 years ago from Texas

      I used to like setting around listening to ghost stories when I was a kid. Now I make up my own for the grandkids.

    • Northerntrials profile image

      Northerntrials 4 years ago

      @Ericarelo: Yes campfire stories are addicting ... I like listening too more than telling.

    • Ericarelo profile image

      Ericarelo 4 years ago

      I unfortunately do not have any stories to tell, but I like hearing horror stories. My cousin used to have a bunch of stories he would tell when I was a kid and he would scare me with them.

    • Northerntrials profile image

      Northerntrials 4 years ago

      @yourlocalpt: and hearing them in a graveyard? Could you handle it?

    • profile image

      yourlocalpt 4 years ago

      i love horror stories