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Help Your Child Succeed at Spelling

Updated on May 12, 2014

Anyone who has helped a child with homework can appreciate the value of teaching kids to look up the words they need to spell in a dictionary. Growing up, I was sent to my dads twenty pound behemoth of a dictionary that had every conceivable word you could ever want to know. Unfortunately it weighed about as much as I did and was pretty intimidating to me as a child. I would get lost looking for my word and give up on spelling it correctly. Seeing my daughter struggle to spell reminded me of how frustrating spelling was, and honestly still is, for me. I decided that there must be a better dictionary out there specifically designed for spellers. I was right. Scholastic, the same company who sends book orders home each month at school, has designed a spelling dictionary that makes it a breeze to find the spelling for any word my daughter wants to write. It even has a section in the back for looking up words by how they sound. (eg. shugar for sugar, nife for knife and kwiz for quiz) My daughter was very excited when I showed her the dictionary. We went over the introduction together and it explained how to use this dictionary and even had some good spelling tips and tricks that I found useful myself. We now keep this book handy for her to use while doing her homework. In just the few weeks we have been using this book I have noticed her confidence in her writing improve significantly. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is tired of hearing "How do you spell....."

Scholastic Children's Dictionary
Scholastic Children's Dictionary

As the spelling Dictionary is specifically designed to find the spelling of words, it only provides definitions on words which are homophones to let the child choose the correct word to use. Having this dictionary as a companion, is great for children to look up the meanings of words they come upon while reading. My daughter is always looking for a new book to read and with this dictionary at hand she can get the most out of her free reading time.

Scholastic Children's Thesaurus
Scholastic Children's Thesaurus

My daughter loves to tell stories so I try to encourage her to write her stories down in her writing journal. Having a Thesaurus handy makes her stories much more interesting to read. I love that it helps expand her vocabulary too!. We are tackling writing some simple poems and rhyming verses so the thesaurus is an invaluable resource for getting just the right word. I know that Scholastic has a Rhyming dictionary and we may invest in that one soon, but until then this book works for us pretty well.

Scholastic Guide to Grammar
Scholastic Guide to Grammar

This guide is the next book on our wishlist. My daughter is in second grade this year, so we haven't really been in need of it yet, but I am so impressed by Scholastic's other dictionaries that I am confident this will work great for my daughter. I also can't wait to see what new tricks and tips I will learn, as I had form the spelling dictionary!


This book is great! But don't just take my word for it. Here is a youTube video review of Scholastic's spelling dictionary.

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