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Homeschool Diplomas

Updated on March 23, 2011

Homeschool Diplomas

Important information about homeschool diplomas

Our society places a high value upon working hard to achieve a specific goal. Usually there is a celebration held whenever this goal is achieved. For our children, this goal is graduating from high school. This is a milestone as it means that the end of 12 years of schooling are over. It also means that there is now the opportunity to go on to get higher education so that they can get the type of career that they wish to have. If you are a homeschooling parent, then it is important to make sure that your child's homeschool diploma is accredited and acknowledged so that your children can indeed get the type of career that they really wish to have.

Unfortunately our children are faced with overcoming a low-quality education, overcrowded classrooms and programs that are not properly equipped to meet their particular educational needs. All of this is what is going on in our public school system today. For this reason, many parents have chosen to homeschool their children.

Most of the time the only requirements that a state makes is for a parent to have the desire to homeschool and a commitment on their part to provide consistent, quality instruction. There are often educational guidelines that have been set forth by the state and the school district that you live in. for this reason, a lot of parents have chosen to purchase specially designed curriculum that will help to keep their children up to par with the lessons that are being taught in their grade level by traditional schools. Most of the time, the quality of education that a homeschool child surpasses what they would have received in a traditional school setting.

It is up to the parent or instructor to ensure that the child is meeting the educational goals that their state has set forth. However, once schooling ends these people also have the important responsibility of ensuring that their child's homeschool diploma will be recognized by the school district. More importantly though, the homeschool diploma needs to be recognized by any of the colleges or universities that the child may wish to apply for admission to. This can be somewhat simplified thanks to the fact that most states have homeschool guidelines that explain exactly what needs to be done in order for a child's diploma to be recognized by any of these accredited schools of higher education. Of course, just like a traditional school diploma is impressive because it celebrates a child's hard work, opening up a whole new chapter in life, so does a good homeschool diploma.

Putting together an accredited homeschool diploma will provide your child with the benefits of a high school diploma after having completed their homeschooling. While there are a lot of parents who believe that they can provide their children with a good education without being accredited, it is important to understand that your child must graduate from an accredited homeschool program in order for their diploma to be recognized in most states.

You may be wondering what an accredited homeschool program is. Simply stated, this is a homeschool program wherein your child has the opportunity to learn things that are similar to what is being taught by a traditional school's curriculum. This is because every child has to learn specific things in order to become a productive member of society. Therefore an accredited homeschool program must provide a curriculum that fits the standards that have been set forth by the state in which you live.

These children who have graduated from an accredited homeschool will have more opportunities available to them in the future. This is because most schools of higher education recognize an accredited homeschool diploma as an official diploma. They see it as suitable proof that a child has actually received a suitable, credible and sufficient education. Of course, this is what is going to be necessary for your child to get into college or to gain a good job. Many financial aid and scholarship funds also look at a child's diploma in order to make their decisions of granting a child with this money.

Accredited homeschool programs are not too difficult for most children to do. However, you as the parent will still be able to create a homeschooling program that will truly challenge their child in the way that they see fit. In order to do so, a parent merely has to add materials to the program that they would like to see their child do. This is a great way in which to improve upon a child's education in a way that would not happen in the traditional school settings. As such, this benefit of homeschooling your child is still available even though you are working with an accredited homeschool program that your state has set forth.

So, you may be wondering who actually sets forth an accredited homeschool program and where can you find one for your child. These programs are put together by certified teachers. They are able to provide you with the insight of a public school curriculum while leaving the actual teaching up to you, the parent, to do. Of course, the program is also put together in such a way as to allow your child to succeed in using it. These programs are designed to hold the child accountable for completing the necessary coursework that has to be done in order for them to graduate. However, as was aforementioned, there is plenty of "wiggle" room in these accredited courses that will allow for you to add on anything that you think your child will also need to learn or do in order to succeed in life. This is really important because if your child is not able to learn what is required by the state, your child will not receive an accredited diploma that they can use to advance onto the next phase of their life. Plus, many homeschool parents have chosen to educate their children at home in order to teach their children things that they themselves highly value.


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    • profile image

      WrerseSuigree 5 years ago


      prada ??

      prada ???

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      ??? ??

    • profile image

      NW Juliane 5 years ago

      This person is obviously not a homeschooler. LOL. Funny article with so many inaccuracies. :-P

    • profile image

      Dale 6 years ago

      Sorry I have to say as far as my experience this information is incorrect. My daughter has been accepted to two state collages (North Carolina & Tennessee) and a private college so Accreditation has not been an issue.

    • profile image

      Angela 7 years ago

      Lisa, That is not true..If Harvard accepts homeschooled applicants, who can reject them?

      And Fitzsimmons says that, on the whole, homeschooling is an educational asset that Harvard considers favorably when making its admissions decisions. "One often sees a self-reliance and independence, as well as intellectual curiosity in people with unusual educational experiences," Fitzsimmons says. Homeschooled students, he says, "do just as well as most all students who come here do."

    • profile image

      lisa 8 years ago

      hooey or not, there are schools which REQUIRE a diploma from an accredited school recognized with the state board of education. It would be nice to get around 'rules' but that's not how the world works at times.

    • profile image

      Virginia 9 years ago

      This is a bunch of hooey. Accredidation, means that some agency has stated that a school has met their standards. If you go through an accredited school and get your diploma as distance education, that may be one way,. Ex; Bob Jones University, Abeka through Penasacola Christian College.

      As long as you provide documentation of appropriate courses and standarized tests, a credible transcript, and the student is capable of college work, there should be no problem with their course of study or need for accredidation.

    • profile image

      BostonMom 9 years ago

      So, how does one find an accredited homeschool program? Can you provide any hints as to where to look?