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Homeschooling With Index Cards

Updated on March 24, 2011

Homeschooling With Index Cards

The benefits of using index cards for homeschooling

Regardless of what type of curriculum or method you are using for homeschooling your children, index cards would be a great addition for you. These index cards would help you to streamline your

child's education. They can be used as a supplement to your child's education or as the focal point of it if you are looking for a more relaxed approach to your homeschooling. The idea is that whenever your child comes upon something new that they need to learn, it can simply be placed upon an index card for them to study. As such, these can work a lot better than flashcards as your child will outgrow these expensive items. Plus, not everything that you want to teach your child can be found upon flashcards, but they can be put onto an index card. Some of the things that you can put onto your index cards include:





5.Math problems

6.New vocabulary words

7.New concepts that your child is learning

8.History time lines

9.Phonics concepts

Of course, there are also a lot of great benefits to using index cards. These include:

1.They are a great size for any age of student to use.

2.They are portable so you can do school work while you are on the go.

3.They will keep your children busy whenever you cannot work with them.

4.They are easily stored in an index card binder, a file box, or on an "O" ring.

5.They can be replaced easily, unlike flashcards.

6.They are less expensive than flashcards

7.They can be created as you need them.

8.They can be taken with you wherever you go.

9.They can be used while you are waiting for an appointment.

So, do you think that you are ready to try using index cards in your homeschool? If so, here are the supplies that you are going to need:

1.All kinds of index cards: white, colored, blank, lined, etc.

2.High quality markers

3.Ink for your printer

4.Some place to store your index cards: index card binders, index card file boxes, "O" rings, etc.

5.Tabbed dividers

6.A good hole punch.

As you can clearly see, there are a lot of wonderful advantages to be had from using index cards in your homeschool. While you may not want index cards to be the main focus of your homeschool, you should consider using them to supplement whatever other things that you are doing in your homeschool. There really is no reason at all why these index cards cannot be beneficial for anyone who is homeschooling their child. Once you take the time to see how easy they are to make and how inexpensive they truly are you will get turned onto the idea of using index cards for your children. Then look at just how useful they are since they can be carried with you wherever you go. Before you know it, you will be making index cards for everything that you are studying in your homeschool today. I know I was.

Homeschooling With Index Cards


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    • J D Murrah profile image

      J D Murrah 10 years ago from Refugee from Shoreacres, Texas

      I'm glad to hear that I am not the only homeschool parent who uses index cards. I found them helpful in drilling not only math, but also foreign languages.