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How to Become Fluent in Spanish in Months

Updated on May 17, 2016


Learning a new language can seem like a very scary task to pick up. Becoming fluent in Spanish for the average English speaker can also seem like trying to move a mountain. But what if I can tell you that with a few of my tips and some effort and dedication you can become fluent in Spanish in a matter of months. When you study Spanish a whole new set of opportunities become open to you.


Before you even try to learn how to say hola you will need to first become clear on which method or set of methods you will use throughout your learning process. A few things you want to consider are:

  • How much you want to spend if any at all

  • The amount of time that you are willing and able to dedicate to your studies

  • The reason why you are learning the language and what region are the people from that you intend to communicate with the most

You want to know how much you are going to spend because some methods will be more expensive than others. Although it is possible to become fluent in spanish without spending a dime depending on the individual it may be smart to actually invest a few bucks in your learning journey just so that you may enjoy a higher level of convenience while learning.

It’s important to know how much time that you will be willing and able to dedicate because each method will have it’s own suggested amount of time and dedication to learn spanish effectively.

Finally you want to know which people you will be speaking to more often as there are slight differences with accents in Spanish. Although you will still be able to communicate effectively with people using any accent, you will find that it will be way more efficient to know Spanish from Spain if you intend to speak with them more, and Spanish from Mexico if you intend to speak with Latin Americans more.

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Now this seems like the most obvious, the most cliched and to some it may seem to be the most boring. It is however one of if not the most effective method of learning Spanish or any other language for that matter. Since childhood we have been using books to learn. We have been using books to learn math, science, and even our native language. In effect books have a special way of depicting things to us using pictures and dialogues for illustration .

Some books that I would highly recommend to use to become fluent in Spanish in months are:

Camino al Español: A Comprehensive Course in Spanish

I personally recommended this book first because this is the book I teach my students Spanish from and here’s why. Any book that you will choose to buy should teach all aspects of the language. It should teach Listening, speaking , and writing. This book has a versatile combination of the three. It has great illustrations, although not of high graphic, that helps the mind to add a visual representation of expressions and vocabulary to you remember them. This book costs around 39 dollars used on amazon, and around the same for the digital version.

Colloquial Spanish : The Complete Course for Beginners

This book uses a more colloquial approach in teaching you Spanish. Although this method contains all aspects of the language it is aimed at getting you to reach a higher level of proficiency in Speaking at a more relaxed and informal level than most textbooks do. This is one of my favorite methods of learning because once you're able to communicate effectively by speaking, you will be able to write as effectively overtime. But essentially speaking and listening for me are the most important aspects of becoming fluent in Spanish in months.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps have become an effective and convenient way of helping us to do tasks that we usually perform on a daily basis.Smartphone apps have also proven to be a great way of helping us to learn things that we usually would try to learn from books or by simply just going to school. Time for some it's just a way of complimenting other methods which they use to learn.

The app that I would recommend most to learn Spanish in months is one that is called duolingo. It is one that I have personally used and it has helped me tremendously improve every single aspect of the language. This app is available for both iOS devices on Android. It is also 100% free to use and I guarantee you will not regret using it.

It will not require as much time as learning from a book or classroom would. But still it will have you acquiring a quite comfortable level fluency in Spanish in a matter of months when in the effort you put into it.


Of all the methods that I have mentioned today I have to say that this is the message that I have to be the most effective. it is one that I use personally, and it is one that will have you speaking Spanish in only a matter of months. There is nothing like being able to learn a language via complete immersion.

The website that I have used, and have had tremendous success with is called Conversation Exchange. It is very easy to use and it is absolutely free for everyone. For that reason alone there isn’t another that I would recommend as they are not as good and they charge quite a bit to use.



There are many great YouTube videos out there to learn Spanish. The ones I would recommend the most are Fluenz and CultureAlley. On youtube there can be many options to choose from and some channels will even have incomplete series. So be careful that whichever one you choose fits your style of learning and has a complete course that will help you reach your desired level of fluency.


This is famous worldwide and is claimed by many to be the most effective way of learning. It uses very high quality images and sounds to simulate full immersion without actually being in the country or speaking with a native. It is actually very good but will require a good amount of time and dedication compared to other methods. This method is also costly. To date, it will cost you $99 for one level of this software.


Pimsleur approach uses audio to get you to learn the language while going through your daily life and following the instructions given by the audio. It competes with the Rosetta Stone for being the most effective and most famous language learning software available. You can purchase one level of this for $36 to date for one level.

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With all that being said it took me quite a while to become fluent in Spanish to the point where it is becoming like my native language. It also took a lot effort. I started out learning from I was 7 and I am 22 at the time this blog is being published. But if I had known what I know today I think that I would have become fluent in much less time that it took me. Also if I had put out way more effort than I did.

With the knowledge that I acquired however I was able to become fluent in many other languages in months. I will post other blogs about how to become fluent in those as well.

Be mindful also that to become fluent using a combination of all methods will give you better results. And whatever way you choose always find someone who speaks the language in your community if you are able to, and practice what you know. If it’s even just one sentence it will improve your confidence in speaking, and you will need to become confident in speaking.

I really hope you, the reader will find success in becoming fluent in Spanish in a matter of months. If you do have any questions you are free to leave it in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them. Be sure also to check out some of my other blogs by clicking d-richie93 or more by this author. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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