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How to Get Rid Of Flies In The House

Updated on September 19, 2014

Flies Can Be A Real Nuisance In The House!

My house has always been clean, except for the dozens of flies that had somehow invaded it! Getting rid of the flies was my number one priority.

My dad and brother used to catch flies with hand, but I could never get the knack of it, not did I ever feel like having a squished fly stuck on my palm! My grandfather used to use a spray made up of some simple solution (sugar and vinegar, I guess). In the heat of the moment, although, I feel old magazines and newspapers can do the job, but you actually need a lot of practice for that too!

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get rid of flies
get rid of flies

Other Methods We Tried To Get Rid Of The House Flies

A friend suggested bug sprays that are advertised as being for "flying insects", like hornets and wasps. The problem with bug sprays was the solution would land on whatever surface comes under it directly such as the dining room table, the entire kitchen counter, the living room furniture, uncovered food on the table, and so on. I then got an idea of using the Vacuum cleaner to suck in those irritating flies - a non-messy and sure-shot way, I presumed.

Once, I left a half-eaten fruit on the dining table and left for grocery shopping. By the time I came back home there were a dozen house flies around the fruit and all over the place. I turned on the vacuum and had captured the lot of them in minutes and obviously, I've never had a fly re-emerge from the depths of the vacuum bag, either. But how many of us can keep a Vacuum handy and switch it on. Furthermore, that's wastage of A LOT of electricity.

I was really bugged thinking "how to kill flies?" Finally, after trying several tricks when I was searching the internet for best ways of how to get rid of flies in the house, I came to know of Bug-a-Salt gun. I read the reviews of people who used it and they called it 'the best fly killer' and "the fly terminator". I wasn't sure, given the fact that I had tried so many things already. But somehow I was convinced to try it at least once. So, I decided to buy Bug a Salt fly gun online and I am very happy with the results.

The Fly Salt Gun Worked Exceptionally Well

This fly salt gun is awesome. By far, I feel this is the best way to kill flies because this thing really works and seems solid and built to last. The day I received the delivery of this item I could not wait to try it. As usual, there were like a hundred flies all around my house and I could hear the buzzing of those insidious flies, moving around my head. Thankfully, I had the trustworthy fly gun this time. I drew my weapon and fired one smooth motion and one by one the flies fell on the floor, buzzing no more! Bug-a-Salt is like any gun, you have to be able to hit your target. Its construction is very sturdy and takes out houseflies at 3 feet.

* No Batteries.

* Non-Toxic.

* Excellent for bugs and flies on ceilings and windows.

* Inexpensive to use.

* Uses ordinary table salt.

* 50 Shots before reloading.

* No license required.

My House Is Fly Free And I am Stress Free

Now when a friend asks me how to get rid of house flies, I suggest them to try 'Bug-a Salt'. While it is probably considered a novelty item, it surely works on those buzzing menaces, although, the big ones may take a couple of shots. Bug-a Salt has helped me overcome the fly problem. The company guarantees that this salt shooting fly gun will work perfectly and be free from defects for 30 days from delivery date. It's been more than a month and I am loving it! The fly problem of my house does not exist anymore! I can keep the doors and windows of my house open (unlike earlier) and the toxic pesticides are gone for good.

Use With Caution

I use Bug-a-Salt on fire ants, hornets, wasps, dirt daubers, apart from houseflies, and it works fine. I recommend it to anybody who is tired of flies and hasn't found a solution good enough to get rid of those buzzing creatures. But one must remember, NOT to point it at people or pets! It is powerful enough to injure an eye and it hurts at close range, so one needs to be careful. Also, we must not harm beneficial insects such butterflies or bees, they are under enough stress, already!

Do You Have A Fly Problem In Your House?

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    • TolovajWordsmith profile image

      Tolovaj Publishing House 

      4 years ago from Ljubljana

      Sometimes ... But I suppose with salt gun this would be a problem of the past! It looks spectacular:)

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I usually use a traditional fly swatter or hit them with my hand, although I'd like to try that salt shooter.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Does it shoot a spray or a salt rock? Rock salt seems like it would be hard to actually hit a fly and kill it, plus there's the cleanup after. Spray would seem ineffective.

    • mrbill7474 profile image


      5 years ago

      Quite the concept. Would battling a large contingent of flies leave a healthy pile of salt residue around the residence? Just curious. :-)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is great I will come back to try it out. Thanks for the info


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