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How to kill flies : the best ways to kill flies!

Updated on August 21, 2013
Photo by Opo Terser
Photo by Opo Terser

How to kill flies? what are the best ways to kill them?

Flies can be a problem sometimes. Some people suffer from flies more than others, specially in some areas where many animals live nearby. In fact, everybody hates them and a lot of people want to know how to kill flies. They are annoying, ugly and not to mention they transfer diseases to humans!

The problem can get serious in a large house if they find food, drains and places to breed such as drains.

The tips below range from simple obvious ways to get rid of flies (the first 4) to real methods to kill them.

1- Housekeeping is the key. It's true that prevention is better than cure, and easier too! Don't allow food to build up anywhere, below the tables, beds in narrow areas and spaces between furniture, sanitation is how you will avoid flies and many other annoying animals/problems!.

2- Make sure that garbage is dumped regularly and that they are sealed well. Dispose garbage 2-3 times weekly at least, and more frequently (daily) if you got so much garbage. It's much better if you can remove it daily.

3- Don't keep food uncovered (this won't kill flies, of course! but it is important to keep your food clean)

4- When you use indoor sprays, focus on places where flies tend to rest on. Don't forget windows sills and behind the curtains. Don't spray lamps.

5- Some may suggect fly papers, in fact these are not clean and I find them useless, instead:

Use Light Traps : Light traps are your strongest weapon to kill flied indoors. It really helped me get rid of flies forever. Place them in a good high place.

6- House plants and pets : Animals excreta have to be cleaned as they are really attractive for flies. Also, stagnant water used for house plants will attract more flies.

7- Floor drains must be cleaned and screened. It's where flies breed, it's their "home"!. It's important to remove any source or focus that can attract flies.

My advice: Buy a light trap, search for a good one that doesn't smell bad. You can buy light traps from the internet at Amazon for a great price, the Fly Web Fly Trap seems to be the best selling one, you can check the users' reviews and compare it with other products if you want.


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    • profile image

      Dave kenny 5 years ago

      The best thing to kill flies is oven cleaner, one spray and bam instant death.

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 7 years ago from Egypt

      sabbatha1: thnx a lot, dear

      Buffy: brilliant ! thnx

    • profile image

      Buffy 7 years ago

      another good way to kill them if they are all gathered on a window is take a small dirt buster the hand held vac and suck them up works like a charm

    • sabbatha1 profile image

      sabbatha1 8 years ago from

      Awesome hub! Great tips. I just like swatting them little suckers with the fly swatter.

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 8 years ago from Egypt

      looks cool, here's another method for people to use:)

      thnx for your reply

    • Alivetus profile image

      Titus Gonzales Abdon 8 years ago from Philippines

      I swat it with a fly swatter.Though messy but if you're accurate it's effective and also improves your reflexes.

      xx Alivetus xx

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 8 years ago from Egypt

      thnx buddy :)

    • Roffi Grandiosa profile image

      Roffi Grandiosa 8 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

      cool answer!

    • Mezo profile image

      Motaz 8 years ago from Egypt

      thnx june688 :)

    • june688 profile image

      june688 8 years ago

      Yes, it's very annoying. Everyone does not like it.