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how to learn math in one day

Updated on January 26, 2012

easy tricks of math

Thousands of shortcuts are already existed; lacs of tricks can be created only by understanding internal structure of math. If you check online materials available in the name of easy math, it is bullshit. The websites created to learn math are softwarein which you need to enter the numbers,it will display answers. Even in offline, books which are written in the name of easy math are exemplary in nature.

Here is the way.

(It is unique effort to teach math in easy understandable way along with clarifications of doubt so raised. ………………………………..)

How to multiply any given number by 9?

Say 34 x 9

Multiply by10 then subtract the original number

Multiply 34by 10:34 x10 =340

Subtract 34 from the product: 340 -34 =306

Kindly understand that multiplying any number by 10 is as simple as placing zero in front of it.

It may be of any number with any number of digits.

8642 x 9

Multiply 8642 by 10 :8642 x10 =86420

Subtract 8642 from the product: 86420 -8642 =77778

250 x 9

250 x 10 = 2500

2500 – 250 = 2250

Observe this carefully . The trick behind the trick here is commonsense.

In250 x 9 Actually 250 should be multiplied by 9.As we understood, multiplication is shortcut to addition.But we made addition as shortcut to multiplication. What we did here is, added 250ten times(i.e.250 x 10) then subtracted one time 250 from the product. This is nothing but adding 250nine times isn’t it?

The trick to unlocking the secret is to relax, and find the right approach to each problem. The approach is understanding internal structure of math. Once in my class I asked one simple question to my students that ‘ there are 5 flowers in a jar, in each minute it will get doubled, like in first minute it becomes 10 and in second minute 20 and so on. If it takes 100 minutes to fill the jar , How many minutes does it takes to fill half of the jar?’ Most of the students came with common answer. This need very simple common sense, but is uncommon. Their answer was 50 minutes. Can you answer this?Half of the jar will be filled in 99th minute. Do you need explanation?

This is what I want my readers and students to learn. No matter what branch of mathematics it isalgebra , trigonometry ,co-ordinate geometry , calculus or 5th grade , 9thor engineering math whole thing is based on “the way you learn” the approach towards math. Get me any branch any topic of math I show you its amazing beauty.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at number crunching while others find it difficult to add even single digits correctly or without straining their mind.

Why few people love math so much while others were allergic to it. The answer is Understanding Internal Structure of Math


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    • Phelcky profile image


      6 years ago from Denmark

      Awesome! :)


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