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how to make build a wooden -steps to making wood stool,woodenstool

Updated on July 15, 2011
mortise and tenon
mortise and tenon

wooden stool

Stools are for resting without arms rest and back. It is another form of chair missing arms and back. Stools are best suitable for gardens, for mediatating,child bath, for sprotpersons, even at hotels and bars.

May be the design and usage vary. but the comfort remains the same. It is believed that, since ancient age Stool is being used by Egyptians.Even , the history tells us that in other parts of the world also stools is used. Nowadays stools are made with cushions, adding the comfort for sitting.stools are not only for comfort, it can be stacked one upon the other for with less space.

Stools can be fit for any corner and easy for handling also. Wooden stools are really good for look and adding beauty for the room. So, it is advisable to buy or make a wooden stool .

I would like give some basic wooden stool making tips.Other things such like dimensions depends on usage.

Required material

1. Blockboard or wooden planks (seasoned) - 300mm x 300mm

(exactly square without diagonal variation;Lipped with 12mm wooden piece.)

2. Planned timber 50 X 50mm (needed you can give taper oneside)

This is for stool legs.

3. Planned timber of size 40 X 50mm for using as stool rest.

4. Planned timber size 75 x 50mm for resting the stool top.

5. wire nails 11/2 "

6. Branded PVAc glue.

How to make a stool

First join the stool rest with stool legs. For that , mortise the legs and make tenon in stool rest. Insert the tenon into mortise.Before inserting the mortise to tenon apply branded pvac glue in tenon side. Next you can join the top side with 75 x 50mm timber for placing the stool top. Now the structure is ready. Now Place the stool top which is properly lipped. After placing nail it from the top.

Then do sanding properly with rough and smooth sandpaper to get the smooth finish.Then with clear finish. If not preferring for decoration just go for opaque finish with favorite colour.


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