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How to Open Camera Battery Door

Updated on October 16, 2015

How to Open Camera Battery Door - Tutorial

If you have not figured

it out from the photo,

this lens is a joke. It is

a prank or done in jest.

It was a fun thing for

me to do. Or, just an

old man playing with

his camera and it's

battery door.

What on earth made me do a thing like this?????? "VIDEOS".

Yes, videos. When I saw my first videos on the internet I was

very unimpressed. I was under the impression that they were

done by some kids playing with a video camera. So just give

me some good old written material any day of the week.

To this day when a video pops up on my screen - more than

likely I'll click out and go somewhere else. However, I admit

that lately I have seen some quality videos and appreciated

them greatly.

The factors that made me take a dislike to videos are three.

1. Often, you cannot see what is going on; because either

ants are crawling up the camera person's leg - or they have

to go to the toilet really bad.

You have noticed how they cannot seem to focus in on any

thing in particular. The camera is pointed at every thing in

the room. And to top that off, the room has very poor lighting.

Just last night I saw another video where apparently the person

doing the work was also holding the camera - and working by

flash light to boot.

Relax. I took these shots using a tripod so you could see what

the camera was pointed at.

2. Much of the time the people making the video do not know

themselves what they are doing. I have seen videos where the

one making it had never done the project before themselves. Yet

they are trying to teach me! Come on now. Teach yourself first.

Note: I have opened the battery door on a camera many

times. So I think I know how to do it.

3. You too have noticed that many of the videos are totally frivolous.

Yes, like this lens. The one making the video has no real subject matter.

They just simply want to make a video Like I just wanted to make another


And yes, this tutorial is utterly frivolous. It is being done with a degree

of ridicule or sarcasm. But in fun hoping you can see some humor in it.

Can we just call it "SATIRE"?



Well, that tire "sat" there ever since it was set there. That makes it a "satire".

But, but, but this is a Squidoo lens. Not a video.

Yes. Even I know the difference. So we will eventually get to battery doors.

This Is a "u" Tube


You know. For videos.

And This Is a Lens


See. I told you I know the difference.

And shortly I'll show you a battery door.

Hunting for the Camera


But if we are going to do a tutorial on opening the door of a camera,

we need to find one.

There it is. The arrow is pointing to it. Right in the middle.

But if the lens is about the that battery door, what are we going to shoot the

photos with?

Shoot It with a Cannon


Now that we have the camera to illustrate with, an a camera to shoot it with,

we have to find the battery door on the camera.

It's Not on the Front of the Camera


Apparently the battery door is not in the front of the camera.

So we will have to look some where else.

And It's Not on the Back of the Camera


There is a lot of neat stuff on the back of the camera. But no battery door.

Lets try the top.

It's Not Even in the Top of the Camera


Not in the top. Most cars you would reach the battery from the top. So why not cameras?

And we do not want to work on a hoist. So we will just turn the camera upside down.

Bingo. There It Is. in the Bottom of the Camera.


Not only have we found the battery door in the bottom of the camera,

but notice how thoughtful the manufacture was. They have put small ridges

or creases in the door to help get it open.

The instructions do not say how to open the door. They simply say,

"Slide the card/battery door to open it." But experience has taught me

that a thumb works very well in this


Pressing Thumb to Left to Open Battery Door.


Operation Complete. It's Open


Now what? Lets see what we can see.

What Luck. There Is a Battery in There.


This camera has both a battery and an SD memory card hid behind the door.

That is a real find.

And If You Wondered What Was in Under the Battery - Look Deeper.


Now that you have opened the battery door and seen what is inside, you can reinstall

the battery and close the door by reversing the order in which you opened it.


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