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how to select a perfect ncaa tournament bracket

Updated on March 26, 2011

how to pick a perfect bracket

 So you've got your bracket and your pen, now what? Want to win that office pool, or just show everyone you know how to pick winners? Here is a great plan for choosing upsets and winners.

Pick your upsets first. The 16-1 upset is always tempting, but it never happens. Your most likely longshot upset is the 12-5 upset. Choose 12-5 upsets. Over and over 12-5 upsets take everybody's breath away. It's simply the easiest long shot to pick.

Choose hot teams. The teams coming in off of a 10 game winning streak are more likely to upset or win than a team with a rocky late season entry. Teams that have won close games are even better picks. You want teams that have proven they can win close games.

Choose coaches not players. Give coach K any team and you have a potential champ. Coaching at this level is seriously the most underrated part of the game. If in doubt pick the team with the coach who has proven himself.

Follow your gut. In 1999, everybody thought Duke was guaranteed to win the title, but I had this gut instinct that Uconn could upset my entire school I was the only one who called it. My gut had done some research though. I'd watched lots of Uconn games and knew they were underrated.


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