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How to Achieve Academic Excellence

Updated on December 2, 2017

How to be the Best Student

How to perform academically well.
How to perform academically well. | Source

Excellent academic performance is what every rational student will like to attain in his or her area of study. Students who do not set-up good grades in their institutions do not feel happy most times. Below are guides on how students can make good grades:

1. Punctuality: Any student that wants to perform well should be punctual to lectures. When a student comes to lectures on time, he stands the chance of understanding what the lecturer will teach in the class. He understands anything that the teacher or the lecturer will teach. For those who come late during lectures, they will hardly make it because they were not their when the lecturer was teaching.

2. Make use of jotter: Any student that wants to perform well academically needs to have a good jotter. The student jots relevant points. This will make the student when going through the jotter, develops the points and aids in the understanding of the course. In jotting, the summary of the topic being taught is written. Jotting makes the students to go through a particular topic within a limited time.

3. Creating good timetable: This is making chart which includes time divisions on the courses the individual offers in every academic year. This acts as a propelling force on the students. A good student that makes use of time table should not joke with it. It makes the student to know that there is assignment ahead of him.

4. Extensive and intensive study: Students that want to perform well should study before resumption. This will make the student to easily understand whenever the lecture is going on and reduces stress in his study. It will be like a revision to him because he had studied the subjects before. The student will do better than others because that is what he studied before.

5. Absolute concentration: Students that want to set-up good academic records should make sure that they are attentive during lectures. They should develop good listening ears when lectures are on. The students should focus their attention to the teacher once lecture commences.

6. Early examination preparation: It is a pity that many students wait till few weeks toward the examinations before they began to study. Any student that wants to perform well in his area of study should start preparing on time. This will make him to put down good points on the examination day without cheating in the examination hall.

Heart of God Church Academic Excellence

A picture of students that achieved excellence in their study.
A picture of students that achieved excellence in their study. | Source

7. Good rest: As a student, you need to study as if everything depends on your academic. Study as if you will die if you do not do so but do not forget to have good rest. When you have good rest, your brain will have the capacity to “download” more of the things you are going to study in the future time. Do not say “exam is next week, so I will not sleep this week”. What you need to do is to start the study on time and thereby having enough time for your rest. When you have good rest, you can understand more of the topics you are going to study. You can forget what you studied a night before an examination day because you do not have enough rest. To avoid this, make sure that you have a minimum of six hours rest a day. You must push forward to make it but does not mean you will not sleep.

8. Exercise: Medically, it has been proven that exercise enhances the speed of understanding. Exercise makes your brain to be sharp and works efficiently. It makes your brain to “code and decode” very easily. Do not be the kind of student that does not like to engage in sports activities. Create out time for this aspect because it is very important. Make out time and join your fellow students when they are playing football, volleyball, basketball, jumps, jogging and other related sports. Do not be the type that only has time for his/her study and religious activities. It is good to take part in religious activities, but do not ignore this aspect for it is helpful. Make sure you take this into consideration

9. Study your lecturer or teacher: Every lecturer or teacher has his own style of teaching. He may also have a specific area of concentration during his teaching. As a wise student, you need to know where he focuses more and put more effort in that area. Study your teacher to know the kind of sentence (s) he demands from you. Does he want the answers the students will give to be in short or long sentences? This is what you should find out as a good student. My lecturer during my school days will always ask “in one sentence, define”. If you go there and start to give him long sentences, note that “sorry” is just your name. I mean that you have automatically failed the question. The only remedy is to go home and pray that you will make others.

10. Study to understand: Do not read but study to understand the courses or the subjects that you offer in your institution. To read is to go through written or printed words while to study is to gain knowledge. Do not read because you want to finish the textbook. What is more important is too study the text and understand everything in it. It may take two hours for you to read a book while studying the book will take one week. Can you see the difference between the two? You study a particular book to stand when question comes.

11. Ask questions: One of the ways to assimilate easily as a student is by asking questions during lectures. Do not be shy to ask questions in the lecture halls. Your course mates may laugh at you when you stand to ask questions but do not mind them. I bet you, many of them that laugh at you will still gain from those questions of yours; so, I encourage you to be bold and ask your questions. They may pretend to know it while they do not know anything on it.

12. Make your work unique: A good student does not do something because others are doing. Students that want to make good grades should not follow the masses to copy assignments from one another. Make your assignment unique. Lecturers look forward to see unique and outstanding write-ups. When you write the same thing with others, I mean word to word, the lecturer will know that you copied from one other. So, make you answers and assignments unique. Try to stand out among the crowds.

13. Attend revision classes: The lecturers and teachers reveal some of their exam questions during revision classes. A determined student should not be absent in revision classes. This is where they give the “mirror” of their questions. So, do not miss any revision classes for it will be of very good benefit to you.

14. Prayer: This is one important thing that most students neglect in their academic lives. You need to pray to succeed in your academic pursuit. Make sure you consider prayer. Let me tell you, before anything happens physically, it is first programmed spiritually. Pray that your God will assist you in your academic. I repeat, do not forget this part!

Academic excellence medal.
Academic excellence medal. | Source

Final Note

As you have read the above, make sure you put them into a very good practice so as to make good academic grades. You will be happy when you do well. One more thing I have to tell you is that if you do all these things and at the end, you still see yourself in a “rough” position in the class, do not give up. Why I said so is because God may have a better plan for you. Finally, I wish you well.The truth remains that no student will like to be the last in his or her department or area of specialization. Because of this, the need to achieve academic excellence comes into play and that propelled the author to put down the topic.

© 2013 Uzochukw Mike


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile image

      Uzochukw Mike 2 years ago from Oba

      Thank you for making out time to comment here. I write more as you advised.

    • profile image

      Putri 3 years ago

      Dinamani will wait for opportunity to blame Govt sloohcs and teachers at the drop of hat.But it will not talk about lack of toilets in Govt sloohcs.The so called elite private sloohcs where they are minting money by making swimming compulsory even for a third std student,are also not having enough toilets for girl students.Parents who give blank cheques to these sloohcs are also not bothered.