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Updated on September 16, 2012
How to use your foresight muscle is an excerpt from a book of the same title that shows you how to gain standing for yourself and your dreams by using the foresight muscle we all possess. Check it out.
How to use your foresight muscle is an excerpt from a book of the same title that shows you how to gain standing for yourself and your dreams by using the foresight muscle we all possess. Check it out. | Source


To win at poker, you must first look at where you are in your life, what do you see as your life's outcome! Before you even shuffle the deck, you need to gain full control of your life and find out what your core beliefs are, so to gain control, you incorporate them into your main beliefs of a "Foresight Muscle" to guide you and help you gain control and power!

First you must understand the final results, plan them out before they happen, things that limit you and you have lots of stuff that is blocking the answers! But you can easily make those limitations go away, like an invisible wall comes down and you are saying "Wow, look on that other side. Now that is life! Why didn't I see that?" Well, up until now you didn't recognize the signs, now you will.

Poker is driven on using your foresight muscle. Understanding things innately is the first step. People that play high stakes poker understand what they are talking about in the last four stages of their own foresight to win big. Understand this to the core, to the bone, because it was never subconscious to them until NOW!

What they were seeing, it was always conscious, so what is it that a poker player does that is special to make him good or bad? They look to their foresight which is finely innately in tune! You can see or not see, it's the same skill set, only in poker one (you) are playing it like the game of life.


Bluffing is alive and well. Bluffing is something we all do everyday of our lives. People lie, cheat, the word comes to mind, "he's just bluffing" but in reality when a good poker player bluffs, he is bluffing in the moment where he knew the right answer. He bluffs and everyone folds.

But it's more than that. It's not just that he is bluffing, but he wants to seem powerful, with a good hand. You see, the average person sees a poker player and says, "Wow he must have a good hand," but in actuality he bluffs about weakness in the room of other players. Sometimes the one who bluffs, who everyone thinks has the best hand, doesn't have it at all.

The point is that everyone tells white lies big and small, hard core lies, some are ridiculous it's easy for some people to read when someone lies. They set up boundaries, and you can tell they are a lying.

Imagine that you are a liar, or same thing as poker game people mix it up and turn it around, and are silent Sometimes they bluff, sometimes there's real truth. I'm sure you've heard of 'fake it 'till you make it, isn't that bluffing?

Would you ever tell someone you didn't know the answer if it was dependent a job? NEVER! Just say, "I don't' remember!" In order to be successful you have to be a base to jump from. Once you have that base it regulates you right to your foresight, it will be obvious from poker to corporate world.


It's the same as a poker table It's offices instead of tables, your foresight with all those individuals will constitute your raise, or your failure. If they don't like you then you fail; if they like you, they'll bring you along. You can do for them, you can ask them to do for you! If you don't have an eye on what's going on or what the answer is, than you will not get there, but once you have their trust through bluffing, truth, finesses, shoulder rubbing, brown-nosing, the end result is that you will get there.

But they can't know what you are doing. If you can't get that, or don't understand that, than go home because the game is over, pack it up, but if you fly under the radar, you will see response. That's the power right there that allows you to get there, if you know the end result, and now you are able to get that leg up to move where you want. Always remember the end result. Once you get there, a whole new set of rules evolves.


Change the things that are limiting to you; What does it mean to change a belief? The outcome of what you see? It's a rule, a belief, an identity; the belief you want to change. As you look out there, and collect information, you believe something is going to happen. It's the rules. In order to get over the wall you have to make a change.

So you need to link the info up so that your belief, your answer in your own mind will make you understand what you need to do in order to keep coming back to that place of success. You place anchors around you. Most don't revisit anchors, but you should revisit the anchors and ask yourself what you are doing. How have you pecked away at what you are achieving?

Anchors are the only things that prompt you to remember what's happening. You need to empower these beliefs, anchor, I'm calling them beliefs, but they are anchorsyou need to empower by identifying them. When you link pleasure and the outcome to your anchors, when you revisit them it will be a happy experience. If you place negative or hurtful information to your anchors, run from them. It is very important to know who you want to be and what path you set yourself to walk through.

Never forget the things you've collected along the way and that you make sure to mark the anchors because you will eventually come back to them and that will give you confidence! So to know the power is confidence.


So now that you understand what your destiny is and what your anchors are, I want you to do the impossibleI want you to step in to the future, the unknown and see what your going to do what do you see with your new info with all new info you have It's about how you see yourself in the world you created for yourself, and now that you understand you should be a little empowered, a little excited, a little anxious;

Can you commit (ask yourself if you can meet your destiny that you set up yourself thru your foresight), and if you can I want you to return to the present and I want you to see it as a whole! It should not be difficult or hard; you should be able to see the common answers that will set up the course for your success.

And that's personally and professional and spiritually I want you to list your goals for your foresight development. Next to each other these goals I want you to write next to each: Write a time frame that it would take to commit by seeing the future you will see a timeline. That timeline should be and would be 1 year; 3 years; 5 years; 10 years and 20 years.

You may not be able to fill up all of this, but picking a date in the future will allow you to start a natural timeline. We'll talk later about about what links you to your goals and understanding its boundaries. Remember, look at the A - B - C's You don't know what "Z" is, but go to "A", then go back and see it; then begin to put it in motion.

You will be successful with this technique. I want you to see the top three things in your life that you need to accomplish not necessarily in the same order. I want you to write what your personal development is for these goals. That is the foresight.

You will actually see what it takes to accomplish what is put on paper. If you don't how to accomplish what you put on paper, you will learn the process and steps to actually be able to stretch your mental muscle, that foresight muscle which allows you to do research and give you self confidence to walk the path that you created yourself.

Understand each one of these top three goals; write your comments of achieving these goals over the one year, over the next 3 years, 5 years, and so on. By understanding what you write in that paragraph, you will be starting a natural timeline and a way for you to see your future. It is very important that you understand that foresight is developed into two sectors; short and long term! More to come. Try this first.


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