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how we can easily improve our memory power

Updated on September 9, 2015

It is the most effective and very simple Technics to improve your memory power. There are many ways to improve your memory. For improving your memory it required only one thing - you should have a passion for improving it. I am here mentioning few techniques that every one can follow very easily.

1. Just think about yourself and improve your memory power.

It is very easy, but you have to spent your at-least half an hour to improve your memory power. You may be a person with full time work or you may be a person with no time to read. Don't worry. You don't have to spent extra time to it. Your class begins when you are going to sleep.

When you are going to sleep close your eyes slowly and breath slowly. Listen your breathing for one Minuit. Then take your mind into yourself. Think what you did today. Since you got up from sleep till now. Think when I got up, how was my state when I got up, how was my bed sheet, how I left my bed room, before leaving my bed room how I fold my bed sheet, while I was looking at the watch what was the exact time, etc.

Your should think everything that you happened to meet. If you are a student where was my book when I was going to study, how I took my book, while I opened my book which page I got what did I study, etc.

Think everything in chronological order by Minute wise. Do not forget anything. Take as much time. Take at least half an hour to complete your day. Then says good night to you.

Do it every day. You can feel change. Unless your help you cannot achieve anything. Think it and Do it. It will make you perfect.

2. Repeating words

Many people used to say that I don't have memory power. I can remember some words or numbers or names for some time then I will forget that.

For remembering words, names, numbers etc. the easiest way is whenever you hear itself repeat the same thing in your mind. When you repeat it, it automatically strike your mind and also you have to repeat it 2 or 3 more times (having some time gap between each time). Then you will never forget that name or numbers

3. Connecting with other incidents or events

Another important thing for improving memory power is to connect names or events with other. For example you can connect some names with your friends or relatives name or you can connect some years to another (the same year I born this incident ..... happened, or when I was studying 1st year Engineering this incident ..... happened some thing like this.)

4. Creating short notes

It is another technique to improve memory power is creating short note. It usually help students for improving memory power. When studying some thing especially essays there shall be many points to remember so create some words linking all the points for example when you studies about planets you have to remember all the planets in order - Mars, Venus, Earth,Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Create a sentence using first word of this. My Very Efficient Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets. My (M-Mars), Very (V-Venus) Efficient (E-Earth) Mother (M-Mars) Just (J-Jupiter) Showed (S-Saturn) Us (U-Uranus) Nine (N-Neptune) and Planets (P-Pluto). If you are creating notes something like this it will be very helpful for remembering.

Memory is one of the most important thing in every one's life. It is depend on your lifestyle. First to have a better memory every one should have proper sleeping and good life style

If you are practicing this it is sure that you will have a better memory than others.

Wish you good luck


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    • greatstuff profile image

      Mazlan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      This sounds like an easy and simple thing to do..but I will have a problem falling to sleep after this. Yes? No? Will give it a try and see how it goes. Voted Interesting and Shared.