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How the world’s most extra-ordinary men turned from mediocrity to power.

Updated on August 29, 2015
Carl Benz suffered so much ridicule from his peers that he had to work on his automobile invention during the night, when nobody could see him.
Carl Benz suffered so much ridicule from his peers that he had to work on his automobile invention during the night, when nobody could see him. | Source

The 20th century produced some of the world’s most remarkable personalities. These men were champions of economics, captains of industry, military strategists, reformers and colonial liberators. All these men came from being mere ordinary individuals to achieving their dreams. We have different opinions regarding these men, but I personally choose to admire them for one simple reason- they chose to be dreamers, and pursued their dreams relentlessly. It is easy to get caught up in the buzz and fast-paced society in which we live in today, foregoing our dreams and passions in the process.

Never let your dreams die

The human mind has an uncanny way of shielding itself from challenges. The voices in our heads tell us to choose the path of less resistance. Our sub-conscious mind provides excuses as to why we cannot do the things we really desire to do. We get stuck in our unsatisfying day jobs where we are given a financial cap on our earning potential and someone tells us where to be during particular hours of the day. We get stuck fulfilling someone else’s dreams. It’s such a shame, and it should not be that way. Unfortunately, the masses do that. We sacrifice our family time, personal development time and vacations.

How we can have the courage to pursue our dreams.

  • Understand that it takes sheer guts to have a bigger bite on life.

Our self-image controls the way we think and our perceptions about life. It is a series of suggestions planted into our sub-conscious mind by our parents, families, friends and the circumstances we perceive with our sensory factors. A new born baby has no self-image. The little life comes fresh from the heavens and by nature the baby is a risk taker. We can’t help but adore the little life, because we sense in the baby a natural, unblemished and full dose of confidence. However, as the little baby grows older, it is programmed to speak a particular language, wear certain clothes, eat certain foods and believe in a certain religion. These things are not bad at all, but the problem comes when perceptions, fears and misconceptions are fed into the mind of the growing child. By the time the child reaches the age of 7, it is programmed to think racial thoughts, to dislike a particular group of people, to cease from trying out new things and pursue new adventures.

The bottom line: our self-image will try to suggest ideas that may knock us off course. Being resilient is the key. Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “I see only the objective; circumstances ought to give way.”

  • Not everyone wants to see you move in the direction of your dream.

Understanding this fact saves one from a great deal of disappointment. Consider this: societal standards rarely encourage people to seek to gratify their innate desires and ambitions. It’s a function of what people expect from you, the normal course to take in life, that prestigious college or career, and the ideal marital partner. Everything seems to revolve around collective opinion. This is not a bad, to an extent it is expedient to uphold the honourable values of society. However, the one who seeks to rise above mediocrity and achieve the success they truly desire knows how self-defeating it is to follow the path of the masses. Great men and women are never ordinary in their mindset. They may be humble, outgoing and sociable, but they are not afraid to step out of societal norms to go for what they desire. They have their minds set on their goals. To seek a life of health, wealth and abundance requires one to learn to neglect all negative feedback from family, friends or associates. Sometimes those we love will not agree with what we want to achieve, and may discourage us by emphasising how risky/selfish it is to aim for the good we desire.

Bottom line: never allow anyone to derail you from your purpose. We only have one life, and it is all about lifestyle. Go for gold. Never compromise on what you desire.


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