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untitled rant

Updated on December 12, 2011

Stir it up, keep it churning. Life moves on always changing, and rearranging.

Imagine walking in a city...

You are walking in the city, and it's a frenzy of advertisements designed to almost take possession of you. You proceed into what the mainstream ideology would have you believe is true. Of course what they say on the T.V. is true right?

The establishment has men of all races competing with each other for scraps from a gigantic table, and our women are turned against us competing of the sexes, all through, media, literature, and music. Men disrespect women and other men all the time to humiliate each other in all forms of entertainment. This is what we aspire to be a human race of ignorant, disrespectful, people. People do not know how to treat each other anymore because of the image that is presented to the people is taken so seriously, so religiously to heart these days. Television was designed for this reason. The Radio also captivated audiences before T.V. and before that was the written word of course. Now of course these wonderful inventions are not inherently evil at all. However, the hands responsible for what is “real” according to the culture that has been created for us, using these tools are incredibly evil.

Those with all the money control what we know and what we don't know. We have to either sit there and except the reality that they have presented to us, or we can create our own. Do not take everything at face value learn to think for yourself.



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