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Obsession vs. Consistency

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Nishibonya is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Silchar, India.

Ask a layman, he would not possibly agree on this! After all, there seems no link in between: two different concepts, two different destinies! Intersection: that does not happen much in a while, right? Or does it?

Both start off differently, one of them doesn’t even have a perfect foothold as to where it exactly started from:maybe, a neutral action. Yes, we are talking about obsession.

Do you remember the first time you rubbed a spotted mirror area to the point of perfection? What a relief that must have been! Now let’s assume, you do it everytime you notice dirt around you, or at least, when you perceive so. This was supposed to be momentary, but slowly it turns out to be a repetitive pattern: a habit that is so sensitive to invasion of a potential attacker; In this case,it would be any form of uncleanliness, mind you, even a single bit of it!

“There must be a new notification in Facebook while I’ve been away for thirty minutes; let me login…” followed by “only a few minutes on social media" buzz from time to time; now, if we calculate the ‘few minutes' all together, I am sure it would cover more than half of the day, probably more than that(there are exceptions to this though, but in most cases, drainage of time is what follows up! )

Obsession isn’t built in a day, it needs time to grow, to have a hold over the self!

It’s like external vs internal, the moment external wins, you have little control over your thoughts, you have to keep moving towards the tunnel, even when you know there’s darkness at the end of it; But, even that doesn’t scare you, rather it gives you a weird kind of peace now. Being aware but oblivious, you don’t get to choose your focus anymore, it’s beyond reach.

But, when the ‘self' wins over, good things happen: You actually start ‘living’ in the present, really observe things,not hover around thoughts. The mind ain’t caged or preoccupied all the time with the same old stuff! And the best thing, you choose to focus on what you want to! That’s being consistent:difficult to catch but easy to detach! Keep a hold to continue!

Both consistency and obsession are borne out of a first action! But, one of them had been done with intentions; you must have guessed it right by now I suppose!
While consistency has a diligent goal it’s hardlocked to, obsession rarely pays attention to future’s vision or past’s lesson! It would rather dwell in oblivion!

That’s about it: a thin line separates the two.
Both of them are still apart, but you never know when they intersect;

It’s your game, which turn you take, make sure you have the controls right to let ‘internal’ have the lead!

P. S. Consistency can be about anything, let’s talk about the ones having a positive impact here, like this article! Just kidding!

Let’s see who wins!

So what dominates your life?

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© 2017 Nishibonya


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