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Monetary Metamorphosis Mayhem!

Updated on December 28, 2011

The purpose of this hub is to shed some light on the fact that our money has been following a continual path of evolutionary change. This evolutionary change has created a severe degradation of our money supply.

First thing’s first, I would like to start off by stating what I perceive to be tantamount to economic treason: through monetary policy, the Federal Reserve not only “reserves” the right to inflict hegemony onto the U.S. economic engine, but by doing so, it has clandestinely taken away from the purity of our current monetary system. What’s exactly a monetary system? The U.S. monetary system includes three things: 1) the Treasury, operated by the U.S. government; 2) the Federal Reserve System (with its twelve member central banks), operated by a secret cabal of Board of Governors and 3) the tens of thousands of commercial banks operated by the thousands of privately owned corporations. It’s these three entities that control the U.S. monetary system, thus controlling the way of life for millions of American citizens and the world over.

Oddly enough, today’s monetary system is an adulterated form of the real thing: the U.S. “money tree” isn’t rooted on solid ground anymore. I’m now a firm believer that for any good economy to blossom—especially in down economic times—it’s necessary that the U.S. “money tree” be rooted in rich fertile soil. What this mean is that the tree trunk, branches, and leaves of an economy can’t, presumably, remedy itself if it’s plagued with bad soil. The bad soil of any good economy begins and ends with how one manages the flow of money: print too much and you’re assured inflation; print less and you’re assured Japanese style deflation.

My thing is, why touch it at all? But here’s the thing about our current monetary system: it's been on a constant declination since “big gov” started intervening, interfering and mandating ridiculous inflationary policies in regards to our money supply. They—being the U.S. Federal Reserve System—have inflicted a hold so tight on our monetary system that today’s dollar doesn’t look, act or feel like yesterday’s dollar. What’s the American people to do about this? We need to act now! Now is the time we have to stop the money metamorphosis from happening and demand a cessation to theses ridiculous monetary policies before an all out dollar collapse.


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