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Humans and Aliens - What's The Difference?

Updated on February 10, 2016

Extraterrestrials and humans

Before I get into this, I'm going to make it clear that these are my personal beliefs. I'm not telling others what's right or wrong. I'm entitled to my belief, so decided to share it with you. Whether or not you have the same views is up to you. No offence intended here.

In this lens, I will explain why I believe in aliens, as well as where I think humans truly come from.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy :)

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Extraterrestrials Are Real

No two-ways about it

I'm very strong in this belief, and no one can change it.

I'll explain why.

The Universe is endless. There are countless galaxies and several planets within each one.

There's no doubt in my mind that there is other life out there.

However, that's not to say that they are all friendly. Just like everything, there would be good and bad.

I also know that aliens are still walking among us, and have since the beginning. I don't question it, or try to get hard evidence to prove to people that they are out there, mostly due to the fact that I can't be bothered. I believe in them, and that's enough for me.

I Believe Humans Came From Other Planets.

Here is the story that came to me as I wrote...

Millions of years ago, far away in a distant Galaxy, resided multiple species, each with a planet of their own.

Some preferred the heat, living closer to the burning sun, whereas others preferred colder weather, living closer to the edge of the Galaxy with several spaced out in-between.

All, of course, had leaders who were communicating peacefully, discussing what it would be like for them to co-habitate. Due to there not being any available planets in the near-by solar-systems that had the correct living conditions for them all, they organised fleets to travel further into the Universe.

Eventually, They Found One Capable Of Supporting Life. - In fact, there were 2.

One, however, held creatures we call Dinosaurs which freely roamed their land.

After contacting their leaders about their findings, they were ordered to eliminate the creatures then stay on the second planet to keep a close eye on those they send. The blasts divided the land, resulting in separate countries.

Landing on Mars, they quickly discovered where each race would set up camp on the colder planet. Several springs were scattered along the surface with an abundance of trees and plants, most of which grew certain edible foods. They checked in, explaining that it could take some time for the dust to settle on Earth before life could, once again, prosper.

When it finally did, the other fleets arrived with all the misfits from every planet, and dropped them off on the beautiful planet of green and blue, each in separate countries and had their memories wiped.

Throughout History

They have continued to help us

Over the centuries, they came down from Mars to assist humans, though never once did they reveal their true heritage, otherwise it would ruin the experiment; even gave them technology to construct certain buildings (as they've discovered in Ancient Aliens).

However, every time, it was misused and taken away, even if it meant eradicating some tribes/villagers in order to protect the knowledge.

Fast Forward

To the 21st Century...

Humans have travelled to the moon.

A robot is exploring Mars that has evidence of the possibility that life existed once, and might still do (unless they destroyed all evidence that they were there when humans were getting too close), along with water.

While, here on Earth, technology has advanced so much in just a few short decades - but not all good.

After all, people all around the world will find a way to use it for evil. The better and stronger security they invent to protect computers, banks, phones, etc, the smarter and more cunning hackers get.

Not to mention the dangers to our health as far as radiation goes. They either need to create a protection screen to prevent the radiation waves, or figure out a way to invent technology without the high-risk of radiation.

Who Knows... - Maybe our ancestors in space might lend a hand in the less harmful inventions.

Either that, or they think humans are too reckless with the privilege and take it away again, not that you can blame them with all the weapons our races are using against each other.

For what? Greed? Power? Are they really worth killing beings with souls, both human and creature? What about this beautiful planet which we all call home?

Like it or not, we were all put here for a reason, and no one has the right to try and conquer other countries. All of us are allowed to live in a world where there is no fear as to when the next war will break out.

It may not even get that far if people continue cutting trees down.

We need nature in order to survive.

I love this beautiful, thriving planet, and I know that if people keep destroying it, Mother Nature will defend herself.

We Create The World We Live In

Whether good or bad

Whatever happens is a result of the actions every individual takes; every word spoken; every path walked.

We are all Human Beings.

Our ancestors gave us a chance to cohabitate, and look at how we treat one another.

We have hearts that first knew love, and souls with knowledge of so many lifetimes.

I know that they have always, and still do, walk amongst us. The human race may have started as an experiment, but we have the potential to become so much more.

Some say we're getting out of control (over-population/global economic crisis etc), when, for all we know, is actually under close supervision.

How The Human Race Came To Be

May forever be a mystery

Nonetheless, I firmly believe that we all did come from out of space, simply because it's the only way to explain the different nationalities and languages.

Whether this is true, or my amazing imagination that I am grateful for has run wild again, we might never find out, at least not in this lifetime. After all, our Higher Selves could already know the truth.

We are not alone in this endless Universe. This, I do know.

What are your views?

Do you believe in aliens?

See results

What do you think happened?

How do you think the human race came to be?

Ancient Aliens - An Amazing TV Series

People go through the history of the human race and explain how aliens have helped our ancestors in the past.

They discover so much, the show is very interesting. I love it :)


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