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illusions,hoaxes,history or science?

Updated on February 3, 2017


There is an illusion of a woman in sillouette spinning clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your conscious thoughts.I first saw it as spinning clockwise.At first I thought maybe there was a program to alternate the spinning between the clockwise and counterclockwise but I soon realized that that was not the case With a little concentration I found that I seem to be able to change the clockwise spin to a counterclockwise spin and back again at will which surprised me! It definitely makes you think more proactively.I wonder if they have something like this in schools to teach kids that their perception of something can change depending on our thinking patterns.Ipreviously thought that it only worked with static pictures that were created in such a way that what you saw changed depending on how you percieved the picture as in those rawshack pictographs that were used by psychologists to determine how a patient was thinking by what they say they saw in the pictures.An Intrigung subject in any case

You probably have heard of reverse speech.I find it a fastenating subject but I'm not that familiar with it .I did however download some examples from an interesting website on the subject.If you haven't already been there you should try taking a look see!.

Is the earth really hollow? Find out for yourself ,or just take a trip from the safety of your home.with the links down under south of here.Watch out for the prehistoric website.

Mind your p's and Q's when you take the ink blot test though.They don't have a good bedside manor there. But it doesn't cost anything and it's cheaper than a psychic

So, Have Fun !


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