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Increase Your Concentration

Updated on June 28, 2011

Have you ever experienced this terrible situation before? I was talking to a friend for close to thirty-five minutes when it suddenly crossed my mind that she was no longer listening to me. Immediately I stopped and called her to attention by asking her to tell me what I said last. She couldn’t. By Jove! She couldn’t even remember anything I was saying. She apologized and told me to start all over again. It was really terrible. Obviously she couldn’t concentrate.


Do you suffer from lack of concentration? Do you easily get distracted? The fact is that many people do. Just think about it how many times have you forgotten about what you are supposed to be doing at any moment of the day without actually noticing? Are you bedeviled by absentmindedness, lack of interest, forgetfulness, lateness, stress and so on? Chances are that you might have been suffering from lack of concentration too. Forgetfulness is obviously one of the inherent problems as it is the easiest signs or manifestation of complete lack of concentration.

It is very important to note that lack of concentration cuts across all ages and sexes and there are many problems associated to it. Lack of concentration could be attributed to many factors like tiredness and general body weakness, lack of interest, poor health, bad weather/environmental conditions, drunkenness and many other things of that nature. But if you ask me, the chief among these debilitating factors is boredom! The only thing that can be done for someone who is bored is to help him kill that very boredom and believe me, this is by no means an easy feat because you have to discover that which can trigger interest in the person and of course peoples’ interest vary.

What you can do to increase your concentration?


First and foremost in my own opinion, anybody who wants to increase his concentration must strive to develop interest in whatever he is involved with and also in things going on around him. The importance of interest here can never be overemphasized. Can you remember the number of times that boring TV show that was making you feel sleepy was suddenly changed to one of your favorites and then what happens? Like magic, the sleep vanishes instantly and you become your lively self again just because this new object of interest is your thing! I have seen people who would watch a football match for up to 120 minutes or play games like Playstation3 non-stop but find it very hard to listen to 30 minutes of Sunday sermon just because they are simply not interested! So my point is if you really want to increase your concentration or ability to pay attention, then you must strive to surround yourself with things that really interest you. Simple! Another easy way of developing interest in things around us is for us to develop adventurous and inquisitive minds so as to always find something worth knowing of doing at any given point in time so as to increase our concentration.

Free your thoughts

One remarkable thing about humans is that we are always thinking and discussing – with ourselves. They say thoughts are actually energy so you can then imagine the level of energy contained inside the head of someone with so many thoughts in there! And worse still most of these thoughts could be conflicting! No wonder it is always difficult for such a person to concentrate. So to increase your concentration, you must free your thoughts. It will be easier to concentrate in what is presently going on around you if other thoughts are not involved. Take for example the case of my friend I earlier mentioned, at some point in our conversation again, I noticed she has stopped listening once again. I stopped and asked her where her thoughts were. That was when she confessed to me that she has used all the money for her school fees to settle some debts and she couldn’t figure out any suitable stories to tell her parents again for them to give her the money again. So you see, she had many things going on in her mind while I was busy ‘distracting’ her with my not-too important stories.

Cut down on Multitasking

Yes we all know that multitasking is good since it will definitely increase our general efficiency and productivity. But does it? Multitasking could easily lead to lack of concentration because your thoughts will be on many things at the same time which may achieve the opposite result namely inefficiency and non-productivity in the long run. This could be the one of the main reason while many big companies lay emphasis on division of labor. Multitasking could easily introduce ‘distractions’ which lends itself to forgetfulness and stress if not carefully managed. So my advice is: in whatever productive thing you are into, I think it is better to take it one by one. Humans are not computers so we could live that aspect of multitasking to these computers which are specifically designed to manage that aspect so well. That way you would still achieve a lot faster and better without loosing focus.

You and your environment

Yes. The environment an individual finds himself in at any given time can hugely determine the person’s level of concentration. If the weather is extremely hot, one may find it so hard to concentrate as restlessness easily sets in. It is always hard to listen and concentrate in a very noisy area or places always bustling with human activities such as heavy and constant traffic, factories etc. while some other people also find it hard to concentrate in very dirty and untidy environment. So to speak, if someone is uncomfortable due to the environment he finds himself in, chances are that the person will really have a hard time trying to concentrate. So it is better you choose your environment (if you can), to enable you increase your concentration very well.


Aha! Here comes exercise again! It seems like the role proper and coordinated exercises can play in the general well being of the human body, mind and soul is quite unlimited. What about that saying that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”? Proper exercises helps the body in getting rid of toxic wastes and also it helps in the good circulation of blood through the body and the brain creating a good mental coordination in the body thereby putting the individual in the right mental and physical shape to be alert and ready whatever is coming. This could be the only reason why active military personnel are always known to be sharp and alert and fit like a fiddle.


Sleep can also help you to increase your concentration. The body needs rest and sleep to repair worn-out tissues. Sometimes tiredness and weakness takes over after a whole day long activity forcing to body to rest. This is where sleep comes in to our rescue because it is only through sleep that the body can regain its full strength so as to function to its full capacity once again. Sleep can work wonders in our lives. Most times, I have come to discover that I can concentrate and retain most of the things I read early in the morning after waking up from sleep because I feel so full of energy at such times. This shows the rejuvenating powers of sleep.

In summary, total concentration is very much need in most daily aspects of our lives because our lives greatly depend on it! Imagine what could happen to aircrafts in flight if the people at the air traffic control loose concentration even for a small fraction of time! God forbid! Imagine the number of road accidents that could have been avoided if only the drivers were paying attention. I think I wouldn’t be so much far from the truth if I say that lack of concentration experienced by many people is costing world governments a lot in terms of man-hours lost in work places, stress and related disorders, and most especially the lives of the citizen hence the utmost need to us the increase our concentration.


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    • Emmyboy profile image

      Emmyboy 5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you so much Emma for that comment but the truth is that it is a must read for everyone who wants to improve his or her concentration!

    • profile image

      Emmanuel agbi 5 years ago

      A must read articles for student who are aspiring to gain admission into the university