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Looking Into the Fifth Grade of Your Life:Innocent Passionate Furiously Embellished Constraint Seeks Verifiable Vow

Updated on November 6, 2011

Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Dare You Venture In?
Dare You Venture In? | Source

MODE of Cosmic Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Therapy: Looking For My Soul’s Face I Left Behind

The age from 10 to 11 is the most pivotal point in a person’s life, barring none. Before you read another word in this writing, think back to when you were 10 years old; who was your 5th grade teacher? At what address were you living?

With these two things, recalled and stationed forefront in your memory, envision that child somewhere in the classroom. Can you see him/her? There is some incident (one that may possibly seems insignificant, but most likely paramount) that occurred that prevails as the fundamental underlying theme in your current unfulfilled endeavors.

What was your 5th grade teacher’s name? How is that relevant to you, now? Don’t try to apply logic just free flow with me a few moments. Focus on what significant characteristic you specifically remember about her/him. Indulge me if you will, as we tie up some very loose frayed ends. As you travel back in time to the address of residence, can you recall the specific numbers and name of street or road?

If not, this minute, give it some thought later. See what shows up when you are least expecting it.

Part of your self still remains in that sphere of life, in that classroom, in that school with that particular teacher; in the midst of very happy times, some sort of disappointment occurred. The lingering diffused memory of the disenchanting incident need not be obvious, but the memory of the teacher should.

You are standing at a pivotal crossroads once again in your life, not unlike the time frame during your 10th to 11th year. What year was it when you were 10-11 years old? What was the decidedly prominent focus occurring in the local, national, and world’s news?

This information can be found on the internet should you be so inclined, interested and vested enough to search for it. What you ‘turn over’ from the soil of discontent will prove to be surprising and relevant.

The undisputed fact that everything is connected shows its true light during this dark search. It was during this phase of your individual life, that an element of unexpressed talent can be recovered. You laughed a lot, felt uninhibited and free as you never had before or since.

Your distinct sense of reality was formed during and because of, the ‘flitting episodes’ of ideal ambitions. You were ‘king and queen’ for a day and believed you could do anything you wanted, in whatever way you wanted.

It was throughout this infallible phase that many dammed up creative energies were discharged, exchanged and enjoyed. The curious wisdom you gained, expended and engaged in was without limit or barrier. Your indelible sense of humor was spun from the wheel of intricate events {be they pleasant or no} fashioned at this time.

What was going on in your family? The bed of your empathetic nature was carefully made with clean fresh sheets. You were able to see more than what was taking place; you transcended the mundane.

The hierarchy of sentinel importance established during this season is still maintained by you today. Your world’s parameters are constructed, bent, and hewn by the unconscious motivating factors launched during this monumental time frame.

No other time is your mother so vitally important, along with the role she played in your life. Where was your father? Did he make any explicit impact during this phase? Ponder…

Your indispensable educational bent of mind was implanted during this all consuming year of conversion. From 10 to 11 you made an abrupt shift in consciousness which is being revisited at his point in your sphere of influence.

In other words, some sort of definitive ongoing relationship with yourself and the exacting knowledge, in a specific field of endeavor, still lingers influencing your actions, thoughts and behavior. Though you may be totally unaware of its swaying breeze of artistic balm, an unnamable restlessness beckons to be reunited with its soothing patterned paradigm.

I encourage you to answer this very personal ubiquitous inner call. Nothing else will satisfy the gnawing unsettling disturbance until you do.

Every single act you undertake is being subtly influenced by that 10-11 time period in meaningful ways. Little things unnoticed before will suddenly appear as if out of nowhere to urge you onto and into your ‘grail’ search of heroic splendor.

You are in search of part yourself left waiting in halls of the 5th grade. {IF you absolutely can not recall the flavor of intensity in the 5th grade, try the same experiment on the 6th.} But, I remain firmly grounded on my position that it is the 5th grade, undoubtedly that makes the difference. It’s where you found what really mattered to you and what didn’t.

You were so influenced by this critical time frame, that an allegiance formed during this period reflects various subject material being worked on in current relationships. The arrangement you inadvertently place preeminence upon has continued to filter the seeds of energizing artistic excellence in your current state of affairs.

It’s deep; real deep, but you are aware of what I am talking about without fully/adequately being able to articulate the succinct words in precise manner.

The arising sense of the sacred sensual sexual artistic self in retrospect to those events form what the passionate cohesiveness nature is missing. The first hint of real disillusion appeared and because it did, you buried and disguised it in many personality costumes and sublimated forms of arbitrary denial.

The identifiable need for status, prestige and respect, fraught with its insidious forms of all encompassing waves of apathetic overtones, need be investigated and yanked from the soil by the roots.

The determinedly ruthless soul demands voluntary surrendered expression of your latent gifts and will not be refused.


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      This is a very well-written hub! And very interesting and revealng, also. I'm not sure though if I could remember any particular important event but the age of 10-11 was meaningful to me. It was the time when I became really conscious and aware of myself.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting read with a few good points.

    • Shadesbreath profile image


      8 years ago from California

      This is a very interesting read. While I might not totally agree with the singular importance you attach to this particular time frame given the variance between maturation in humans, I love what you are getting at. Plus, the line: "The bed of your empathetic nature was carefully made with clean fresh sheets," was worth the read all by itself.


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