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Jack Hammered in Our Brain’s Circuitry are the Romantic Involvements We Attract

Updated on March 17, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

OH! What Tangled Webs We Weave.
OH! What Tangled Webs We Weave.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: We Gravitate to How We Initially Vibrate

Childhood inner disciplinary dynamics continually play themselves out in our day to day lives, especially where romantic involvements are concerned.

We are constantly ‘on guard’ either consciously or unconsciously, gauging our manner of speaking, acting and filtering our thoughts of tenuous strings through the corset of our most intimate relationships.

We stand as a caustic regent on the thresh hold of our most pearlized cherished emotions, deprecating ourselves and the other, for not paying homage to them in the correct manner expected. We accept nothing less than the idolized perception of ‘what should be’ as we have jack hammered the illustrious opinions into our brain’s circuitry

‘The perfectly acceptable relationship standard’ is based upon a faulty premise, however. WE approach our relationships with an infiltrated barrier of commanding pre-exiting expectation. The thwarted anticipation saturates the union prior to unification of ideas.

We have been somewhat damaged, in some way or another, simply by being on earth and engaging in this calibrated emotional ‘roller coaster’ journey.

The carefree spontaneity and joyful playful spirit was haltingly tainted along the way due to no fault except that we previously (cosmically) asked to be able to experience human emotions at the deepest most horrendous level. In other words, we carried over, a specifically spoiled view of ‘how things were supposed to be.’

One does not have to believe in previous lives to ascribe to this ‘carrying accumulated garbage’ theory; the immediate family penetrative archetypal dynamics from this ONE life is proof enough.

Of course, the radical idea that, in fact, no one has ever harmed us in any way nor have we been truly cheated, abused, abandoned, neglected, deserted, forsaken, isolated, or neglected to the point of irrefutable destruction is hard to swallow but none the less demonstrably relevant.

We may have experienced the pain of these earth emotionally “what’s in it for me” driven experiences but the irresolute injury never occurred. We may have gone though the intolerable incalculable motions of appearing to lose our sense of self worth, esteem and motivation but not without the notary seal of our designated approval.

Truth wounds but never destroys.

Circumstances which occurred when we were quite young ineradicably forged a groove in our brain circuitry which cast us on the ‘potter’s wheel’ of derisive firing. But, the friction, ‘bumps and lumps’ were implanted to produce an immaculate creation as a by-product of injurious spinning.

In other words, the early environmental circumstances were perfectly prescribed which enabled us to survive, thrive, and dive into a life filled to overflowing relationships bounty. The result of our continued childhood experience being lived every day remains as repeated fresh cow manure used as fertilization.

We gravitate to the people we need to associate with. We vibrate to the person and/or persons who is/are carrying the delineated frequency our electrical brain’s nodules recognize as necessary.

It is only by and through the superficial IDEAS attached; in the process of early parental defective interpretation do we experience deflation. Another word would be: bitterness. We have never been betrayed nor have we been deceived.

No one has the definitive power to do so. It is absolutely impossible to be cheated in this life. The intricate pieces fall in the perfectly stimulated ridged cosmic design. In all actuality, the memories we reflect upon are no more real than the traumatic or exalted life affirming story we repeat convincingly.

We tell and re-tell these life stories in order to remain vigilant. We can’t possibly let our guard down for one second. “Something might take us unaware.”

We create a craft-fully designed world of such grandeur or defeat (one being the same) so that we remain the victim or hero. Either way, we are always ‘looking out for our initial interest and warranted investment’.

As long as we continue to deny this ‘untouchable sphere of mind generated reality’, we will prolong the amorphous experience of being suspicious, caustic, paranoid, bitter, resentful, untrusting, scared, unapproachable, desperate, remorseful and quick to judge.

While at the same time, we’ll recognize and admit to nothing but the guileless generosity we think we possess and how it is being misrepresented and mal-aligned.

If we continue to believe that someone has cheated us out of something or denied us opportunity or of our rightful place, person or thing, we will continue to communicate poorly and ineffectually. When we feel we deserve more than we are receiving, our minds are cluttered with unending anxiety and despairing emptiness.

The overall state of our health [along with our mental functioning faculties: stress, apprehension, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, nervousness, inability to relax, and on and on and on] will surely suffer. Our relationships won’t even get a bull fighter’s chance since we will be too absorbed in the past to show up for our present involvements.

We will be strewn with jealousy, envy, pride, and grievous gluttony.

NO one owes us anything; except that which we decided upon on the prior bargaining table of options. And, moreover we would be highly pissed IF another tried to offer us a ‘way out.’ We don’t want out, we want in: to the sacred sanctuary of our deepest motivations in understanding our relationships as the true mirrors of our undetected perpetrating selves.

Why insult ourselves or the other by asking and receiving an unnecessary allowance of advantage in the relationship?

It can not be stated enough: when we place another in an elevated position, it causes him/her to be in an unnatural, awkward and uncomfortable position. No good can come from that surreal place. Elevation is impossible to regulate and maintain.

The lofty unnatural arrangement makes it impossible for him/her to be able to communicate. And, when we place ourselves or the other in such an elevated so-called honorable spot, it is then ‘we’ who are the most vulnerable. How dare we be so transparently superfluous!

Apt to be chained to flattery, praise and clothed in a ‘false cloak of goodness.’

The unfortunate result is that we both end up competing, comparing, and worst of all ‘performing.’ Beset with all manners of devious vexation; we fume. The conjured creature disguised under a cheap imitation of “who can shine the most” armor; easily will be tarnished, broken and discarded.

This cloak of pretended goodness invariably hides any genuine goodness. Superficiality makes for an uneasy inconvenient and perverted way to interact in any relationship. Intimate interaction can not take place from afar.

In other words, we must bring the all the scraps to the table. No need to use the fine china to impress. Don’t show a polished face; show the mysteriously undisciplined unrevealed blemished face we are at the moment with all of our accumulated debris.

Whatever THAT is, let it breathe and dance uninhibitedly. I guarantee the sublime radiance will astound. The enigmatic authenticity of the hour precedes us. .Although the throne of romantic deceptive pretense lures; refuse to sit upon it.

Be as unpretentiously assertive as is uncomfortable. We’ll get use to it; it’s in our genes.


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      I agree. This is not as easy to do as you said it...One has to be very clear on oneself that there is no transference of attributes brought from one relationship to the other.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Well written but a lot to digest and therefore I have to come back read it again and again.

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

      Oh what a tangled web..... Maybe it's time we were taught to be ourselves before we had relationships? Comfort levels can only come with casting off the masks, can't it?

      Brilliant - so practical and powerful!