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Affirmation for wealth and a balanced life

Updated on May 22, 2012

Affirmation for wealth

My Affirmation for wealth

Affirmations are effective means to be repeated to yourself those things that you desire and that which you deserve. The following is the affirmation I did for myself.

I Am a Millionaire

I am already a millionaire. The fact that I desire to become a millionaire shows that I am actually a millionaire. It's just a matter of perfect timing for the Universe to deliver my good, the millions-of-dollars cash to my doorstep.
My awareness to my natural state of being is the key to open the door of treasures that are unlimited for me; the treasures within me are just here within my reach for the taking.
Whether I do something or nothing is just a matter of perception. The fact that I am born to this world is already a ticket by itself for me to live a fulfilling, prosperous and abundant life in all areas. The only effort I do is to listen to myself and heed the Divine Guidance that is leading me in my every here and now.
All the difficulties that I had been through, in any areas of my life were just byproducts of my ignorance to my true state of being. I had long allowed society and circumstances to mold my state of mind into accepting what I didn't really desire for myself; hence I suffered the consequences.
But now, I am awake and I am aware of my true state of abundance and fulfillment. The only effort I do is to acknowledge convincingly in my depths that I am actually a millionaire, and I am continuously prosperous; I can alter my state of mind and transform my situation into that lofty life that I deserve.

My Self-Awareness
I am aware of my creative ability.
I am aware of my magnetism, beauty, talents, intellectual capacity, will-power, faith, health, willingness to follow the Divine Guidance and to accomplish and achieve manifestations of anything that I desire and deserve.
I am attractive and I magnetize those things that I desire to possess.
I love and accept myself completely as I am, and this acceptance of myself draws only good and well-meaning people into my life.
God reaches out for good and well-meaning people who can help and prosper me; wherever they are in this vast universe God draws them to me in order to help me achieve my goals of prosperity.

Everything beautiful attracts lovers of beauty. I am beautiful and I attract every lover of beauty.
Wealth is beautiful and attractive; I am wealth the way I am hence I attract lovers of beauty and wealth into my horizon and my every here and now.
I am loving and lovable. My love for myself overflows and begets love. I have a healthy and positive relationship with myself. I appreciate everything that I am, I do, and I have.
I am loving and lovable. All my relationships with others are healthy creative and productive.
My relationship with my family is creative and productive.
My relationship with my husband is healthy, creative and productive. We are now enjoying a happy, fulfilling, and prosperous marriage life. My husband loves me and I love him as well. Love, trust, peace, and prosperity are always the dominant quality in my relationship with my husband.
Unity; togetherness physically, spiritually and emotionally; belongingness, loyalty, and integrity are the basic strength in our relationship.

Anything that is contrary to my desire and what I deserve in any of my relationships is cut and will no longer be related to me. I forgive them, let them go and bless them as I go my own way.

God is my Source of everything good which I deserve.
Money come to me easily and effortlessly in avalanche of abundance.
God's will is my will in my life. Divine Love Protects me, Guide me, Lead me on and Provide for me.

These or something better now manifest for me easily and effortlessly in very satisfactory and harmonious ways for the highest good of all concerned.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Angela Brummer,

      The purpose of affirmations is to convince ourselves of our inherent ability to create a life that we deserve.

      Thanks for dropping by. God Bless.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Angela Brummer,

      Thank you for reading my hub; I actually had made most of my affirmations work in my life. If you wish you can also have a look at my hub about my children's success.

      Thanks once more. God Bless.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      This is a great affirmation! Thank you!


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