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My Colorful Life

Updated on June 23, 2012
Seven-year-old me
Seven-year-old me
Grandma me at 57
Grandma me at 57

Change is life and life is change.

My best friend told me one day, well it was actually on her birthday last March 3 this year when she said to me, "Reading your hubs, one can see how much in-love you are with your self... the proverbial egotist."

She is right and I am not embarrassed; the fact remains that if I am not in-love with my self, who will be? Who knows me better than I do my self? Who will truly love me unconditionally 24 hours a day all through out my life? Everybody should do the same, if I were to say.

I love everything that happened in my life, including all the changes, the pain, the joys...can continue to infinity...Life is just wonderful!

Travels and moving.

In the first decade of my life I had been travelling with my Dad; he took me anywhere he went because I am his first-born when he was already 47. From age 3 to 6 he took me to Latin America so that I spoke Spanish when I came back to the Philippines to study in my first grade in Elementary. I often felt aloof and my teacher would not let me in the classroom. I was already reading Sally, Dick and Jane, and other thick books when my classmates were just beginning to learn to acknowledge their ABC's.

My Dad was a missionary and he was assigned anywhere in the world in which wherever he was I was with him.

When I started going to school, my Dad would take me and my siblings to the farm then to beautiful scenery in our country; to Davao, Zamboanga, Baguio, Bicolandia, Taal, to the rice terraces in the Mountain Province to The Volcanoes in Albay and Taal.

Travel and movement comprised my preschool years.

When I was in the Missionary from 15 to 19, I had roamed around the Country where I had stayed in almost every place in the Country. I know my country very well; the people, the culture, the traditions, the superstition in various places.

Principles that cause changes.

I had just talked with my husband concerning our types of personality. In truth we are more opposites than similar in various principles in life. But it's amazing to note that we perfectly reciprocate. Where he is good, I am nothing, where he is weak, I am strong and together we are whole.

He is the parochial and domesticated type in which he prefers to be established in his place of origin where he becomes stable by having a home of his own, a stable job, saving for the rainy days, and doing the routine every day such as doing the chores and going to the same job for ten years.

Whereas in my case, I am just the exact opposite; I am like a bouncing ball where I land where the gravity pulls me. In the almost three decades that I had been teaching, I had taught in four schools with very different set up and diversified teaching methods; from private college, to a state university, to a public high school, and most of the time I did double jobs like conducting seminar workshops; I did double jobs not because I needed the money, I was just invited and I complied. I don't actually work for money and in fact I have no savings. I don't save because I share my blessings with the less fortunate.

I leave my job when my interest shifted to another. I was a motivation lecturer in the National Steel Corporation while at the same time teaching in a public school.

My idea for money and abundance is far-fetched. I always had "stroke" of good luck when it comes to money. I don't have money from my own savings and I don't worry about bills. I don't know if you call it lucky when someone else insists to pay my bills. For always, in my three marriages, my husbands pay the bills. It's not because I have no money and that am not capable to pay, it's just that I am put in a situation where they have to pay the bills. The only time I paid my bills was when Colin died and I had to live on my own for two years.

I just internalized the fact that "Problems resolve themselves and life supports itself." I just live my life with spontaneity and assertiveness and everything fits in.

Living a millionaire life

There was a time when one week after Adrian died, a billionaire by the name Jojo, who I knew nothing about previous to her approach to me; she invited me to her palatial residence. I was jobless at the time because I left my job to take care of my bedridden husband for two years till his demise.

Jojo appeared in my door saying that somebody recommended me to help her in her troubles. See? Money comes to me easily, why would I worry about it? She is a billionaire but she needed help and trusted that I was the answer to her problems. I was actually not ready to work but she kept coming back and after four times of negotiations where she offered me all the comforts just so I would work for her, then I obliged.

For almost a year, I lived in a three bedroom condominium on the 20th floor, complete with a maid, a driver and an automatic car, Rav4 and she paid me my full professional salary aside from all those comforts. It was not even a job for me, thesis writing is actually just fun; that was the job she gave me when her first mentor, a Phd, failed her despite the fee.

Abundance is a state of mind. Feeling like a millionaire is actually living a millionaire life. Thinking this way brings us a "stroke" of luck. The statement "God reaches out for people who can help and prosper me." is a recurring occurrences in my life; it's amazing but my experiences attest to that. Even my best friend who is also here in hubpages; she will be reading this hub can attest to the authenticity of my declaration. We had been friends for 17 years and she is a witness of all the miracles and changes in my life, including the fluctuations. The tears and the laughter and the miracles are all parts of a beautiful and colorful life.


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