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Near Death Experience: My Experience

Updated on October 20, 2012

The World of Colors

colorful illumination
colorful illumination | Source

Philosophical Principles behind Human Experiences

Each of us human beings, is a replica of the universe. The universe is full of mysteries that science cannot cover even in their most meticulous studies.

Before I go to tell the personal experience that I had been through, let me cite some philosophical principles concerning the mysteries that exist in the universe.

There is something intangible behind all matter; this immateriality, call it energy, unfolds with the flow of time and which cause things into events. This is the abstraction of the material existence.

The "mystery of interrelatedness" comprise all members of a species including humanity of all races. Geneticists attest to the measurable facts of these interrelations.

The concept of the omnipresence of life states that there is no boundary between life and non-life; all rocks and seas and worlds and consequently the entire universe must in some sense be alive.

The polarity principle recognizes the balance and mutuality of the opposites; light and darkness, good and evil, male and female, predator and prey, matter and energy- all these, by contrast, define life and make life work.

Transcendence, the development of our perspectives on space and time as well as the progressive absorption of self into a wider awareness as one matures spiritually, reveal themselves as tools of learning in the inexorable drift from our present earthly "finitude" toward some sort of Infinite far beyond.

The germination of worlds, a critical event that seems to happen once to every celestial organism and, after her billions of years of slow evolution, is occurring right now to earth.

And the greatest mystery of all, the ultimate Mystery of divinity, the "unknowable" essence that leading thinkers have long believed somehow exists behind the creation and maintenance of all body, mind and spirit-not to mention behind every other known or unknown wonder of the universe.

My Experience

the depths
the depths
the boddy
the boddy | Source
the rock solid oneness
the rock solid oneness | Source
the will
the will
the wall
the wall

My Experience

I never talked about this experience to anyone around me because I know that nobody will believe me; or if ever they will believe my story I know that they will never understand.

I told my husband, Greg, about this because I know he loves me and he will listen even if he may think I am weird.

I should have been dead long ago

It was 1986 when I was pregnant for the ninth time; the first two pregnancies were perfectly normal up to the delivery of my babies; they are now my living son, 34 and my daughter, 31. The third up to the eighth pregnancies had an average gap of six months between them when they had "incomplete abortion" or had become miscarriages. In essence I had six successive miscarriages; all were done in the hospital and when I was in a very bad health condition. My last miscarriage was in 1984 when my doctor gave me a shot of an injectable birth control called depo-provera; it was to ensure that I won't get pregnant for the next six months.

My ovary had to rest according to my doctor otherwise it would be vulnerable to cancer of the ovary or any other fatal disease or infections. He further said that the most probable cause of all those miscarriages was an STD that my ex-husband had transmitted to me and which he also got from his "womanizing" activities with prostitutes.

This ninth pregnancy occurred two years after the last miscarriage and was the worst experience that almost did me. This time I did not know that I was already one month and two weeks pregnant because I just had my last menstruation.

One day during this time and when I was in the classroom, I felt dizzy when this student approached me; she was wearing a horrible smelling perfume; to me such perfume smelled like fresh blood of a dead man. I suddenly collapsed and fell down the floor; this incident prompted the University officials to take me to the hospital and only then did I learn that I was pregnant again. And worse, it was an ectopic pregnancy that had just started to burst.

I was horrified and my senses went into nothingness. It was like nothing meant anything any more. I was not sleeping within me but for the people around, four doctors and nurses and my husband, I was unconscious. The worst that had happened which aggravated the already dangerous situation was that they did not get a specialist anaesthesiologist so that when they realized that the normal anaesthesia that they gave me did not work, they doubled the dose and that did me; I was overdosed.

What was going on inside me

The operation had to be done quickly otherwise it would be too late if it won't be done within 24 hours since the bursting of my fallopian tube.

While everybody was busy saving my life and as they listened to my painful scream before the anaesthesiologist had finally arrived, the following was my experience;

As quickly and as forcefully as lightning, I was swallowed swiftly down to the deepest depth unknown to me; it was like I was sipped through a vacuum of a pit, a beyond and underneath like I was trapped towards the core of the earth; everything that transpired was actually beyond description. I only had some sort of knowing or a sense of questioning. It seemed like I knew that everything around me was rock solid yet slippery, living and illuminated bright colours of red, violet, purple, orange, blue; all psychedelic and illumined primary colours.

Everything was bright and solid but soft as jelly that continued to throb and I was part of the whole. There was no space and no walls. Then my consciousness became aware and I had this sense of questioning; there was no word but if I should put the words it would be "where am I? Am I still alive? What is this place? Can I get out from here? How can I breath in this airless situation?" And many more questions.

I had been in that questioning state for quiet some time when I heard, not really heard but sense some thing which was wordless but to to the effect "Will what you want, Jenny." But after sensing it my questioning mental state asked, "How can I pass through that wall?" because all of a sudden a red wall surrounded me. Then the sense came back "Will whatever you want..."

So I willed, "I am out from here...out from here..." my mind was echoing my will and as suddenly and swiftly as I went down there, I came out to the open. I was amazed how I passed through the walls without even feeling it. It was like, the walls did not open but I just passed through it.

The aftermath

This may sound strange but the effect of this NDE to me is that, even until now id I have some serious questions inside especially concerning my "dear life" or even life situation and condition, I "hear" the statement "will it" and when I will it it's almost as instantly as I will it, anything I want manifests...My next hubs will be my stories of manifestations as evidences of my claim.

Like I said, this universe is a mystery by itself and each of us is a replica of this mysterious universe.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you.

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      Interesting story.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Thanks for the comment; you are right. If I have to think in retrospect I can't believe I had endured all those things and I am still alive now but I had and so I live to tell my story.

      Thanks again,


    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      You are a remarkable hubber, and apparently a remarkable women. From what you described us men could never endure what you women do.


    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Thank you so much vocalcoach,

      Such "will it" had done a lot of wonders in my life and my love ones. It's like a code to switch n when I have clarity of intention to manifest. Perhaps it's a kind of compensation for all that I had been through. My next hub is concerning my son's "will it" by-product from me s his mother.

      Thanks for the comment,


    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I was glued to every word as I read this. Perhaps the message to "will it" is one of faith or/and empowerment. There is really so little we do know about our universe. Sorry you had to go through so many disappointments. I will be following your stories of manisfestations. Voting UP !