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Solutions To A Problem?

Updated on March 20, 2012

What kind of problems do you have in your real life situation that you need to research in the internet to get solutions?

Or, what kind of knowledge you want to possess and which you need to do research in the net in order to learn?

Life is beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed, if, and only if you see it that way. In the millions of thoughts that pass your mind in every moment, what is the percentage of those thoughts are appreciating life's beauty and how much percentage is dwelling in problems and the misery of living this life?

What are the areas of life that are attacked with "major problems"? Let's have a look;

1. Financial

2. Relationships

3. Career/Education

4. Family

5. Travel and Entertainment

6. Self-expression and socialization

7. Dreams, Desires and Goals

My son and his family eldest granddaughter in the University taking up Architecture. My grand-twins in a very expensive International graduating elementary.
My son and his family eldest granddaughter in the University taking up Architecture. My grand-twins in a very expensive International graduating elementary.

Financial Problems? or Abundance?

Let's have a look at one of those problems that pester the majority of humanity: MONEY.

Even in the Bible is mentioned "Money is the root of all evils..." or "...the love of money is the root of all evils..." I beg to disagree or to not take this statement literally.

Let's face it squarely;

*Money is important.

*Having plenty of money gives one freedom to be more creative and productive.

*Having plenty of money boosts one's self-esteem.

*Having plenty of money makes life easier and more meaningful, however one defines a meaningful life.

The list could go on. Everybody in his right mind knows that money is equated to decent living and lifestyle; but why is money a major problem in life? Why is majority of the people think and feel like they don't have enough money to move around, to pay the bills, debts and so forth...if money is that important? Does majority of the people think that they cannot live a decent lifestyle so that money cannot also be theirs in plenty? What comes first; the conviction or the manifestation?

If the thoughts that run in your mind consistently, day in and day out, are

"I am broke."

"I never have enough money to get what I want, to do what I want, to have what I want" and the likes then money will not find a way to come to you; you are blocking it.

Solution for money problems; Be seriously aware of your thought processes concerning money and change those that block money from coming to you.

If you got the "I am broke" mentality and you notice it, immediately replace it with. "I always have enough money to accomplish all my desires."

If you feel and think that you are always deprived of whatever you want or need because of lack of money; say the magic words "I support myself abundantly."

The bottom line is notice your thought processes and change those that are affirming your predicament in money.

Citing an experience to prove my point;

One day, my son was on a dead-end, suicidal; he was 20 years old, married, and with newborn twins and a 5-year old daughter; locking himself in his room, sulking, trying to kill himself through hunger by not eating for a week and doing nothing for one week already. His problem was that his wife used the 20,000 pesos his client gave him in advance to purchase the modem, install the telephone and what else that he needed at the time in order for him to start the website development in contract with his client; the money was all used up by his wife to pay the overdue bills and rent but despite all the payment, the amount was still not enough.

My son did everything within his capacity but his earnings just cannot cope with the bills, the rent, and support his growing family. He was very young to have such heavy responsibility on his shoulder. He was hard-working as a website developer; worked all night and all day but his income was still not enough; he was in fact above average in his earning capacity and skills to earn money in comparison to his peers.

My daughter-in-law came to me that day, crying as she told me the situation; her husband was not eating and she didn't know what was going on behind that locked room where my son was; they never talked no matter how my daughter-in-law tried to reach out on him.

My son won't open the room when I reached there and won't even respond to my knocks and calls. After using my "mother power" strategy towards him, he finally opened the door just for me.

He was very pale and lost lots of weight, looking like a cadaver. I almost cried upon seeing him but I know my son; emotion won't work for him. He is decisive and he's got an iron-will willpower, he is not a no-nonsense. He went back to lie on his stomach on the floor and his weak voice said "Mama, just leave me alone...let me die quietly."

I started talking to him in the way that I had always done to convince him ever since; in the manner that only I, his mother, could talk to him and I am sure would always work for him. Then he gradually sat up, stared at me and said "Mama, I don't need your sermon, I just need 20,000 pesos and then I can start my's now delayed, I cannot meet the deadline, but I would still do it if I got that money."

My response; "I don't have that amount, but I can get it if I steal from my husband...would you like me to do that?"

He did not answer but I continued. "What I am giving you now is the wisdom and the key for you to open the door of that Source of Infinite Abundance. If I steal now and give you that amount, can you guarantee that you will not have any financial problem anymore in the future? I will steal and destroy my character, my reputation, even my own life if, and only if, what I do guarantee eternal abundance to my son."

We talked some more until he finally said; "Mama, I understand now and I am fully convinced; you are always the greatest mother for me and our umbilical cord is one; how can I forget; how come I forget my powerful mother...but Mama, please let me do things according to my cannot expect me to think like a middle-aged like you when I am only 20." And we laughed.

My son had changed his way of thinking concerning money...He is now a millionaire and I am proud of him. Magic? Believe it or not.

A troubled marriage relationship

Infidelity is a painful cause of divorce.
Infidelity is a painful cause of divorce.
Financial abuse and difficulty is the other cause of divorce.
Financial abuse and difficulty is the other cause of divorce.


Fifty percent of the causes of divorce is financial difficulty/or misuse and mismanagement of money; and the other fifty percent is infidelity and incompatibility...other details of the causes revolve around these two...even illness and disease of one of the couples are also directly or indirectly related to either of the two major causes or both.

Relationship problems also root from within an individual; just like any other major problems in life, the solution could be found by checking one's flow of thinking and noticing what is in there pertaining the subject matter.

Citing a true to life situation.

Relationship problems in the family can be deadly. I was watching this documentary in the Crime and Investigation program. The wife killed her husband...why? It's prolonged fear of divorce in the part of the wife; infidelity in both sides, too much money to use to satisfy their insatiable and perverted desires to control, all the evils. Where did the evil come from? THOUGHTS that begets fear, insecurities, anger...and the whole clan of all evil thoughts.

Another crime is the daughter of 16 years old killing her father. Why? The list could go on concerning family violence and extreme cases of relationship problems.

What is a relationship for, supposedly?

Any relationship; family, marriage, lovers, friends; is meant to be fulfilling. If your mind can only imagine or see the faults of the person you are in relation with then you are bound to have a troubled relationship throughout your life.

But if you see any person you are related with as an "angel" in your life then you only invite people who can help and prosper your life and such relationship would be heavenly. You can have this kind of relationship by saying and thinking "Only people with good intention come into my life."

By thinking this way, those undeserving relationships you have will just banish naturally and will be replaced with people are "angels" in your life.

Career,Education, Dreams, Goals, Self Expression

All these problems are just rooted in the flow of thoughts that pass the mind in a daily basis and all these are patterns created by the psyche that manifest into material reality in the life of n individual.

The Solution?

Notice, or be aware of your own THOUGHT PROCESSES in these areas of your life and reverse them into positive and constructive words when you find that they are predominantly destructive.


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