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Learning The English Language

Updated on September 15, 2014

The English Language In Turkey

Turkey is widely known for its English lessons, which is called ingilizce dersleri by the Turkish, in both private and public universities that present an assortment of modern services.

As a matter of fact, their faculty members in these universities are well-skilled language professionals who make a remarkable contribution in their fields of service.

English Courses Available In Turkey

Several of the recommended universities and institutions in Turkey feature courses that are available in English for both undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. A move that is very beneficial, especially for English speaking scholars who must study the language. Since some of the state universities and a number of foundation universities in Turkey utilize English lessons as their medium of instruction, those students with an institutional language proficiency score are often placed in the postgraduate or undergraduate programs.

Currently being the most used foreign language in Turkey, the English language has been taught in public schools from 4th grade (age 10), until the end of high school. As they get into high school, another foreign language is introduced. Though, compared to private colleges, we can say that the number of lessons offered in public schools is usually minimal and limited. In private institutions, they start teaching the English language as soon as the child enters kindergarten. Likewise, they also have at least two or three times as many English lessons in their schedules. To fully hone the skills of the students, they also employ native speakers of English as instructors.

The English Language In Turkish Public Schools

Thousands of foreigners must be appointed as language assistants in every public school nationwide. Furthermore, in order to give solution to the poor standards produced by the public system, students must take in-depth English lessons prior to entering the university of their choice. A privilege being offered by both private and state institutions all throughout Turkey.

Recently, increasing numbers of people recognize the fact that at least a little bit of knowledge of English is crucial to get ahead in life. Other than widening the horizons when it comes to job opportunities, it has also become a status symbol in a society. Which means that, a lot of people should consider enrolling in one of the numerous language institutions in the country.

Learning English has been a lifetime exercise for the Turkish. As half of the Turkey population is trying to master the language and hone their skills; the other half is trying to accumulate the money needed for this.

There are several English courses available. Even though some of them appear to be prestigious private schools, there are still a few that focus solely on teaching English. Parents aspire that their kids would be skilled in the English language, some even invest a fortune for this purpose enrolling their kids in kindergarten schools that offer English classes; and with the so-called Anatolian High Schools, the state education system is also giving huge funds into English teaching.

Free online English lessons for the Turkish


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