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Learning The Turkish Language

Updated on September 15, 2014

Turkish To English Translation

Turkish is considered as the most prominent member of the Turkic group of languages.

A traditional language that was initially scribe in the Arabic script which had been utilized since the advent of Islam. Moreover, as a part of the Atlaic family, it's widely used by more than 60 million people in various countries; and as a significant immigrant dialect in Germany.

The Turkic family is made up of Uzbek, Turkmen, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Azeri. In which the Turkish language is intelligible with these other leading languages of Central Asia.

The Turkish Language

In the early twenties the president of Turkey, President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk issued a decree on the subject of: The introduction of a moderately redefined version of the standard Roman alphabet. From which the English words: yogurt, Cshish kebab, and “caviar” are considered to be of Turkish origin. As an added trivia, the word “tulip” was taken from a Turkish word for “turban,” since the flower is similar to the shape of a turban.

To those who are interested in learning the Turkish language, it's quite simple. For starters, in order to have an automatic translation from Turkish to English and vice versa, simply click the “Translate” button below and you'll get the translation you need straight from the Turkish dictionary. Or if you need to translate Turkish into English you can use the English dictionary.

The English Dictionary and English Expressions

If you want to have a more detailed English translation, you would want to use a Turkish to English dictionary take note of the capitalization, periods, commas, and exclamation points. If a word, phrase, or sentence doesn't sound right, chances are it will be translated inaccurately or will not be translated at all.

If you are thinking about learning the English language, then you should definitely check out an online English dictionary after doing your translation.

Importance of the English Language

Indisputably, learning the English alphabet is relatively important since it's often used in day-to-day conversations. Being foreign, it'll be challenging to say the words properly even when you're familiar with how these words are written. In fact, the better you pronounce the letters in a word, the more chances you'll be understood as you speak in English.

The English vocabulary is also significant. Where, the more you exercise the subject, the mastery of the English language will be faster. Though, as a rule of thumb, we must recognize the role of vocabulary in the structure of grammar first.

The English vocabulary is the set of words one should be familiar with. It's something that will grow through time. It acts as an integral tool for communication and gaining knowledge.

Understanding English expressions is also needed. Similar to the Turkish Vocabulary, the more you practice, the closer you can get to being a master of the skill.

English expressions may either be a linguistic expression used to ask for information, or can be a request. Asking for information usually begins with how, why, when, where, etc.

Translate Turkish To English With This Online Translation Tool


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