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Songs for Pirates - Lo The Pirates

Updated on October 22, 2014

Lo the Pirates

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a pirate band "There be Pirates" and they were visiting us a few years back ... so these lyrics for Lo The Pirates were born.

Lo The Pirates compares the romantic notion of pirates of old with the acts of modern piracy. You'll also read the short poem entitled The Idea of Pirates

All lyrics and poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

Lo the Pirates - The Song Lyrics

Lo The Pirates

On the high seas of the Caribbean

Long ago in the days of yore

The pirates, a hearty bunch

Were written into our collective lore

Lo the pirates

Lo the pirates

Trouble to brew

Hoist those sails

A drinkin' they would often be

Cask of rum to cool the thirst

Ahoy mateys, lower the plank

Defer to the cap'n, let him go first


Search for treasures, gold and jewels

Bury the booty, keep it secure

Find the wenches, kick their heels

Feisty ladies, aye, that's fer sure

England, France and Portugal

And Spain too, let's not forget

The pirates were against them all

Guess what? They all got wet

Long barrel pistols, sabers too

Fist fights there were aplenty

The pirates were a hardened sort

Pirates ten against loyalists twenty

Code of honor pirates had

Unto themselves the rules

When the captain said 'walk the plank'

They obeyed, they weren't fools

Swoop down the pelicanos

Swoop down the gulls

Pirates lived among the birds

Until the ships were sunken hulls

Fly high the porpoises

Fly high the marlins

Pirates among the creatures

With and without fins

In the movies, pirate life glorified

Captain Sparrow, what a guy

'Twas a harder time, this life of crime

No tinge of romance behind the eye

Off the coast of Africa

The pirates of late have returned

No conjuring of romantic visions

They ransack, kidnap, they haven't learned

Long ago in the days of yore

The pirates roamed the seas

Plunder, pillage, quench with rum

Sails filled with a tropical breeze

copyrighted 2009 - Mindy Makuta - may be reprinted with written permission only

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The Idea of Pirates

The idea of pirates may be romantic

Roaming the Pacific or the Atlantic

But know too that there were crimes

And sickness, loneliness and perilous times

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