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Medicinal Action and Uses of Garlic

Updated on June 23, 2016

Garlic in tradomedicine

Garlic possese stimulant and stomachic properties in addition to its other virtues as diaphoretic,diuretic and an antiseptic.


> It prevents anthrax in cattles

>It is specific for leprosy

>It has beneficial results in cases of smallpox

>It prevents and fights common cold

>It diminishes platelet aggregation

>It lowers low density lipoprotein carrying cholesterol

>It is used in the treatment of hyperlipidaemia

>It inhibits antherosclerosis

>It protects elastic properties of aorta in the elderly

>Regular and prolonged use of extracts lowers blood homocysteine levels

>It prevents some diabetes mellitus complications

>It contains diallyl sulphide believed to be an anticarcinogen

>It is used in the treatment of intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites

>It is a remedy for digestive disorders and fungal infectiions such as thrush

>It is alleged to be an effective long-term remedy for cardiovascular problems reducing excessive blood cholesterol levels, antherosclerosis,the risk of thrombosis and hypertensions.


A syrup of garlic is an invaluable medicine for asthma, hoarseness, coughs, difficulty of breathing and most other disorders of the lungs.

It is made by pouring a quart of hot water upon a pound of the fresh sliced root and allowed to stand in a closed vessel for twelve hours, sugar may be added to make it of consistency of syrup.

vinegar and honey greatly improve this syrup as medicine. A little caraway and sweet fennel seed bruised and boiled for a short time in the vinegar before it is added to the garlic,will cover the pungent smell of the latter.

The freshly expressed juice,diluted with equal quantities of water, or dilute spirit of wine, being inhaled antiseptically has been recorded to treat tubercolosis.

Bruised and mixed with lard, it has proved to relieve whooping-cough if rubbed on the chest and between the shoulder blades.

An infusion of the bruised bulbs,given before and after meal, has been considered of good effect in epilepsy.

A clove or two of garlic, pounded with honey and taken two or three nights successively,is good in rheumatism.

Garlic has also been employed with advantage in dropsy, removing the water which may already have collected and preventing its future accumulation.

If sniffed it will revive a hysterical sufferer

It makes the eye retina more sensitive and able to bear strong light.

The juice of garlic and milk of garlic made by boiling bruised bulbs in milk is used as a vermifuge.

Wine of garlic made by macerating three or four bulbs in a quart of proof spirit is a good stimulant lotion for baldness of the head.


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      jyoti 8 years ago

      your remedies are too good to cure the disease .this garlic use was fabulous