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Mediocrity in the First Degree

Updated on August 13, 2017
WARNING: 1. This article is around 1000 words. Feck off already if all you can swallow are sound bites.   2. This article contains long paragraphs without images. Feck off, I said.
WARNING: 1. This article is around 1000 words. Feck off already if all you can swallow are sound bites. 2. This article contains long paragraphs without images. Feck off, I said.

Look it up!

1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
2. rather poor or inferior.

Ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding

There are two types of mediocrity in my opinion, the one that can't be helped, and the one achieved on purpose. I dislike the first and despise the later. I can't help the dislike, although sometimes it's mixed with a very thin veil of compassion, since I suppose some IQs don't really allow for anything less (nor more) than pure mediocrity, hence my thinking, oh well, they were born that way, what can they do.

If you think this is acid and incendiary, you should get the f*ck out of here right now, because it only gets worse.

So, every time I stumble upon mediocrity, the question that comes to mind is, was this mediocre on purpose? If I suspect, have the slightest shadow of doubt that it may be so, I'm done with it.

One could argue that mediocrity in the first degree is not quite like murder one, though. One could argue that folks don't generally set out to be mediocre on purpose. One doesn't wake up and think, "Hey, I'll be super mediocre today". I disagree. Maybe one does not set out to be mediocre, but in general one knows they are being so. Mediocrity in the first degree is so because the culprit could have avoided it, could have done better, could have aspired to more, but they refuse, they simply take the easy way out and stick to the beaten, mediocre, path.

Quotes on Mediocrity

Only a mediocre person is always at his best.
Somerset Maughan

Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities.
Oscar Wilde

Mediocrity is excellent to the eyes of mediocre people.
Joseph Joubert

In the republic of mediocrity, genius is dangerous.
Robert G Ingersoll

Not doing more than the average is what keeps the average down.
William M. Winans

"Mediocrity" doesn't mean average intelligence, it means an average intelligence that resents and envies its betters.
Ayn Rand

What I despise about mediocrity one

First and foremost, I despise the attitude against people who aspire to do better. Ironically, more often than not mediocrity is NOT defined by one's own deeds, but by the lack of them, and more to the point, by critiquing, blaming and even verbally abusing every single effort done by others who seek to raise the bar.

Mediocre mentality needs numbers to feel justified. Rarely mediocre individuals put blame on their laziness or acceptance of the status quo as the consequence of all the bad or not too good feedback they get. It's always someone else's fault. If they could write up a law forbidding anyone from making an extra effort, they would. Let's all be stupid, idiotic, mediocre individuals, so that we don't feel bad by being just 90% of the population. Let's all be mediocre, for pete's sake!

Mediocrity in the first degree, unlike being gay, is a choice. As a choice, it's punctuated and characterized by complete lack of self criticism. Sometimes, lack of self criticism is born of laziness, but more often than not it's born of absolute refusal to acknowledge what we know about ourselves. Then again, knowing ourselves requires some level of effort, of looking within, of comparing ourselves to others who are unarguably good at this or that.

In general, I observe mediocre individuals refusing to do just that on the basis of their being themselves, with their unique identities, so it wouldn't be good to compare themselves with anybody else, because clearly, there isn't anybody else with their so very special skills, or personality or... Excuse me while I laugh. Or puke. Or both.

Mediocrity is probably one of the highest forms of self denial. One knows one is being mediocre, but has no will and certainly no drive to be any different. On the contrary, one justifies that they are that way because the rest is too much effort, plus if nobody else tries, why should they. Like I said, if they could actually forbid any friggin' soul from even trying, they most certainly would. If nobody tries or achieves a measure of differentiating success, then everyone is equally mediocre and nobody needs to feel bad about their own inadequacies, about their zero ambitions, about their multiple lies to themselves that they are OK. As a matter of fact, they are probably OK, and OK is all they'll ever be.


Gang mediocrity

The ultimate insult (that insult that is usually added to injury) are the groups, or rather gangs, of mediocre individuals all striving together to maintain the mediocre status quo. I've seen this in so many cyber venues that I simply stopped counting. I don't suppose I need to give any examples of this behavior, being so abundant as it is right here, but just for the spite of it let me paint an image for you:

Have you ever read a poem that seems written by a 5 year old, with as much substance (never mind poetry) as the brand printed in your dishwasher, but still read a bunch of comments on it saying how wonderful it is, how unique and, oh, dramatic? Have you even felt compelled to say so yourself? The same goes for an article with as much depth as a drop of water, and as many spelling mistakes as ... You get my drift.

Well, that is what gang mediocrity is all about. One either follows because they don't want to spoil the status quo by going against the flow (fear of retribution), or maybe they do it because they don't have a clue and will rather say what everybody else says because being friendly is easier than being honest (safety in numbers, and yes, fear of retribution), or it could be that they didn't even read the poem but if the gang is in favor, I'm with the gang (all of the above, plus having a pea sized brain and as much personality as a lamp post). Could there be a forth possibility, that it in fact is a great poem? Excuse me while I laugh again. Or puke, you know the drill.

Gang mediocrity, that's what it all is. Validating through others that one is mediocre and righteously so. I mean, if enough mediocre folks like me tell me I'm gooooood, then how can it not be so.

You see a lot, Doctor...

But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself? What about it? Why don't you - why don't you look at yourself and write down what you see? Or maybe you're afraid to. - Clarice Starling, Silence of the Lambs, 1991

Yeah, well. I'm sure I'm at fault as well. So what. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Let me wrap up with a most malevolent parting line: Chances are I'm speaking about you, and you, and you. Not that you'll feel identified with anything you read in here. Don't forget to rate me down before leaving the premises! TA!

© 2010 Elena.


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    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi Jewels! Never too late, as they say, and I've been semi sort of absent myself, so don't fret! Good pick, as favorite lines go :-)

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

      I feel somewhat absent for not getting to this hub 4 months ago. But will never succumb to mediocrity. I had to double check the spelling!

      Love this line - "Mediocrity is probably one of the highest forms of self denial."

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Niall, this bends towards the satirical sarcasm on a condescension high horse, so you did get the best of it, I commend you :-) I'll add, however, that I believe every word I wrote and, while I was on my high horse writing it, I despised mediocrity with all my might. It may not become exctinct, you are so right, but it will sure go duly despised by yours truly!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Thanks for your best wishes, Shaan, same for you! :-)

    • profile image

      shaan 7 years ago

      Truth be told.

      I really enjoyed your words and do agree with what you said.

      Without so much mediocrity, the whole world could move forward and rise in excellence.

      I wish you ALL THE BESTs, the bests and at least the better... I don't wish you all the average and mediocre...

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi Jodi! On any given day or moment we can all be any given thing; on any given day and moment a volcano combusts and I'm again stranded in Europe because 17000 flights have been cancelled; on any given day and moment anything is possible, including mediocrity :-) but that's not what I was driving at, and I think you know it ;-) It IS a multifaceted topic, though, you are very right about that!

    • Jodi Hoeksel profile image

      Jodi Hoeksel 7 years ago

      You know, on any given day or moment, I feel like I could be considered by anyone to be, guilty of ALL the above. And so be it! I understand your point, also agree that the defintition of mediocracy has many differing variables too!

      As a parent, I have learned through living "pre-child" and after such.. positive enforcement feeds to inspire. Now there are many people with different " social domestication" HABITS formed from their own past.. as an example, my mother was a fierce hard driver for "perfection" as her conditioning.. I luckily re-alligned myself.. though the beast can come at any given push. We are all coming from unique perspectives... this is definitely a multi-faceted topic!

      I do appreciate and admire your writing as always. :) Makes me think!


    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hello, Tulai! You are right, if you support a mediocrity-oriented person, it's a lot more likely that they drag you down than you dragging them up. Happens in a relationship, and it seems to happen everywhere, such as with writing or just about anything else. There is a choice to get out of the circle, and it usually means one ends up rather alone!

    • Tulai profile image

      Tulai 7 years ago from France

      Hello Elena, your 'Mediocrity hub' is definitely not mediocre ;-). I could totally relate with the content.

      I was recently blamed and equally verbally insulted for a relation's poor life choices...My exchange with her made me realise two things: First, how difficult it is, to get a person who has chosen mediocrity as her guiding principle in life, to see it and work towards changing it. Second, if you support a 'mediocrity-oriented person', they will always drag you down, because no matter how much effort you put in, (you the person aspiring and striving for better or the best), it will, ironically, never be good enough for such a person. In relation to that, what you wrote ("Rarely mediocre individuals put blame on their laziness or acceptance of the status quo as the consequence of all the bad or not too good feedback they get. It's always someone else's fault."), really 'spoke to me'.

      The part on gang mediocrity was also spot on. I haven't been here that long but have browsed a lot and have come across too many butt-licking, spineless comments made for below average hub content.

      Keep on!

    • Jade_Orear profile image

      Jade_Orear 7 years ago from Zombie Land U.S.A

      well u sound really anti-communist.... well u know that say'n be all you can be--in tha army, i always thaught of that as status qoe... cuz ur just being how tha man wants u ta be.. i think people can blame anything they want fer being lame ass people... it stems all tha way back to what made the person i guess! and that would be those two people who made em in tha first place, you gotta teach tha children! they are the future! and i think this future is doomed!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Thanks, WildIris! If I had a kid, I shudder to think of my reaction if I ever got a sniff that "it was cool to be dumb" from the kid in question. I hate that mediocrity spreads like wild fire, but of course it's easier to accommodate than to think for oneself, and it's easier to be a lazy brat than to aspire to better, so if one's mediocre, there's safety in numbers, and the cycle perpetuates itself.

    • profile image

      WildIris 7 years ago

      What a rant; what a good rant, and I couldn't agree with you more about despising mediocrity of both degrees. As a parent what tweaks me the most is the "It is cool to be dumb" attitude expressed by some young people. This type of group/gang mediocrity and the tearing down of others who aspire to rise above group mediocrity is twisted.

      P.S. I think everyone knows when their performance slips into mediocrity but we've just conditioned ourselves not to care. Excellent Hub!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      You're the furthest from mediocrity I ever met in this joint, Pam! Not only because you write like heaven, but mostly because you said it like you saw it, and feck the consequences, even though, ironically, one consequence of that was that you were driven away from this place. Quitting like you did is a sign of non mediocrity, in my opinion.

      In regards to writing, and mediocrity, I think you're right, narcissism has a lot to do with it. It's like I mentioned, one would be ready to praise the unpraisable, just to get the same treatment in return. As in, I will praise dog shyte if I think that will bring some praise my way. BAH! :-)

    • profile image

      pgrundy 7 years ago

      OMG so many typos in my rambling comment, sorry.

      I guess I need a good editor. :)


    • profile image

      pgrundy 7 years ago

      Wow, I wasn't laughing but I was nodding my head all the way through. You took the words right out of my mouth. I learned a long time ago though that the quickest way to get shot is to stick out. That's why in corporate environments I shoot for the middle--I'm one of your intentionally mediocre people in that venue because my goal is always to survive, period--keep my head down, collect that paycheck and get home where people care about me. But when it comes to creative work, it's different.

      Most of the 'content' I write for clients I could write in my sleep. I've gotten free advice from more people than I care to the effect of 'keep everything under 500 words', don't use words with too many syllables, and make sure the topic is about what is selling hotly and selling now. Yeah that's what I want--a world full of badly written advertisements. I've also been in lots of writing groups, and I can tell you for sure that there is ALWAYS this tension between making it all about feeding each other egos versus making it into a nonstop bloodbath.

      It all comes down to narcissism. People can't detach from their writing enough to make it better. People can't detach from life enough to correct problems and make life better. It's always all about me, me, me. Mediocre writers don't love writing, they want to BE loved so they write thinking that's they way--but sadly, what we want from writers is good writing and we don't necessarily love them if they give it to us, but we do get mad if they don't. To be a good writer you have to be able to tolerate a lot of crap and have a capacity for self-refection and criticism but you also have to love good writing--it has to be about the writing, not about you. Awesome essay, thank you.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Laugh! Cris, don't go back anywhere to check anything, at least not on my account! I haven't posted a comment I didn't genuinely believe in since the dawn of times! Can't speak for anybody else, though! Laugh!

      I think you're right: I think some people encourage mediocrity in the name of friendship, and those same people, and others, encourage mediocrity because they aim to get the same treatment in return.

      I think you're right, too, when you say the meaning of the word friendship is as debated as religion in the forums :-) Well, can't blame anyone for having their own opinion about it, now can I? ;-)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I'm going back to all of my hubs where you posted comments and see if I've been a member of some kind of gang and I didn't know! Haha But that said, I think some people inadvertently encourage mediocrity in the name of friendship and you know debates about the meaning of the word is like posting a thread on the religion forum.

      Just my mediocre thoughts :D

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi De Greek, nice to meet you! Somehow, from your comment, I'd say you don't need charity. And now you're thinking, how can I say that if all I've ever seen of you is a comment line? 'Cause I see a lot, doctor! Laugh! Tongue-in-cheekness aside, someone who questions themselves already take a step away from mediocrity. OI!

      Now, what has the good old Feline been saying about me? :-P

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      So Feline Prophet was right about you then. What an intelligent person you are :-) But perhaps you should be more charitable to those of us who are more than averagely mentally challenged :-)

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi Frieda! Giving up because one can't find a right tribe for them may be a sign of mediocrity, but I think wanting to find a tribe at all is even worse :-) I get what you mean though!

      Alekhouse, thanks for calling this a diatribe, somehow that rings a lot better than "rant" :-)

      Winsome, nice to meet you. Indeed it could be we're all kind and encouraging. I guess that's as valid a take as any ;-)

    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 7 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Elena, I admire your passion and eloquence. I see that every comment has complimented your hub and I know these are not mediocre hubbers so could it be that we are a community of clever but kind and encouraging people? I have complimented many a fledgling hubber because I know from experience how it helps. I have been so bold as to point out how the spell checker works to a few and even offered to help translate into English some not-so-great hubs that only lacked a little help to move it to fabulous. I have never regretted following a gang of people who were intent on outrageous acts of beauty and spontaneous deeds of kindness. As for the post office workers in college who chided me for doing my work too well and too fast, I gladly leave them to their self-chosen mediocrity. I do not blame them or any other "gang" for my lack of achievements but I am grateful for every one of the me too hubbers who applauded my weakest newbie effort and like Candie V, pulled me up. Best Regards =:)

    • alekhouse profile image

      Nancy Hinchliff 7 years ago from Essex Junction, Vermont

      In hopes that it wouldn't be mediocre to second someone else's conclusion or quote the writer, I applaud the following:

      "...more often than not mediocrity is NOT defined by one's own deeds, but by the lack of them, and more to the point, by critiquing, blaming and even verbally abusing every single effort done by others who seek to raise the bar."

      This is one of the best parts of a diatribe which is indeed not mediocre. Thanks, Elena.

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      My favourite part of this article is paragraph four of "What I despise of mediocrity one". More often than not, that's what I see. But what really gets me feeling like a bull is people who give up because of the "mediocrity gangs". Those who stop before they find their tribe. Thumbs up.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi, ralwus -- Good thing you don't see humor, because I wasn't aiming for humor.... just a touch of irony, maybe :-)

    • profile image

      ralwus 7 years ago

      I don't see any humor in this. You said it better than I ever could. I guess that makes me one of the herd. Kudos Elna. You even brought out LM and GT. Wow!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hello, Amanda! Yes, it's definitely easier being "nice" than being honest, and I reckon I've been that way every once in a blue moon, but the older I get the harder it becomes to be "nice", mostly because I get tired of hating myself afterwards :-) plus I think, "who am I fooling here, and who do I owe any favors to?"

      In a way, it looks to me like being "nice" is simply a way to protect oneself from the backlash of being honest. Much as "honesty" is such a popular word, it's really difficult to actually find the behavior itself in this world we live in, never mind in this subword we call the internet!

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 7 years ago from UK

      Hi Elena, well this is a hub and a half! Don't you know that mediocrity is what the masses do best? If you take that away from them, what will be left for them to be good at? Seriously though, I love your searing honesty. Truth is that humankind are very much a herd species. It's generally easier to be 'nice' than to be honest.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hello, Susan! Great to see you! Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all tried just that! And trying is the key, and trying again if the first attempt didn't work quite as one hoped. Lack of trying is what makes me go bonkers or, in other words, conformism. Insult to injury: Not trying, but passing as if one did :-)

      Well, how do you do CWB! I'm tickled that you reappeared here in my humble abode! You're right, you know. Mediocrity is largely encouraged and falling prey to such encouragement is nobody's fault but one's own. Mediocrity is a synonym for taking the easy way out, and we know how it's easier to follow than to lead, to *not* think than to think.

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 7 years ago

      Having fled hubpages in disgust some time ago, I was somewhat surprised to find that my "account" has not been deleted despite my explicit intructions to that effect.

      Mediocrity in site admin?

      What you describe here so eloquently is, I suppose, the very thing that drove me away.

      I let my curiosity get the better of me today and I find my choice to depart was not unjustified. Although this piece is anything but mediocre, hubpages in general seems at first look to have largely succumbed to that malady.

      All that being said, I would urge that you keep one thing in mind. The spread of mediocrity is not something that just happens. It is encouraged, enabled, enhanced and indeed even manufactured through indoctrination, propaganda, disinformation and all manner of psychological manipulation.

      Constant diligence, sustained effort and unflagging awareness are essential if one is to avoid falling prey to the siren song of mindless conformity.

      A flock of sheep is easily led to slaughter. A society of well informed, independent minded and critically thoughtful individuals is not quite so pliant.

      Suffice it to say that there are those in whose interest it is to maintain a flock of sheep and they have become most adept at doing so. Their vast resources and unrelenting will to supremacy are daunting obstructions to free will and self-determintion.

      There is no way to Peace. Peace is the Way.


    • profile image

      Susan Gabriel 7 years ago

      Good one, Elena, and not the least bit mediocre. I read a nonfiction book recently, called Lynchpin, where the author encouraged the reader to be remarkable. That's what I'm going for now. I want everything I do to be remarkable.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hey, Lynda! You flatter me, but I simply don't know what you mean in that last sentence! :-)

      I appreciate that one wouldn't feel comfortable to call a spade a spade especially in group settings, but there is the alternative to just not call it a dollar, at least. N'est ce pas?

      I think serial mediocrity (dig that) is as much a fault of the gangs that uphold it as it is of the culprit who insists on being mediocre. As I wrote, though, some of us can't help it sometimes, there's just no spark, but then being lied to and being told there IS spark, well, that is what real mediocrity is about.

      PS: You're right, if it brings on clicks, it will survive.

    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 7 years ago

      Hola Elena!

      I still haven't learned my lesson.

      I should know by now that if I open an article from you I will be trapped for some time studying the nuance, appreciating the clever way you make your case, or simply your ability to shoot straight.

      I don't mind when ocassional mediocrity rears its head. As someone else correctly pointed out, most of us are guilty once in awhile...(guilty look here,) but I do mind serial mediocrity. That wears on me.

      And it's rampant. It's evident everywhere; In the products we buy, the services we hire, and, yes the articles we read.

      I think it will continue as long as its tolerated or produces clicks. Not everyone has the... the... you know... like you do to speak up.

      Excellent as usual.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Spoken like a true goldentoad. I so agree with "True original thought is the prey, the endangered species in this internet world". It's a perfect corollary for this whole piece.

      In my case, my significant other simply slaps me upside the head none too gently when I get down that path.... she despises mediocrity even worse than I do, so I'm kept in line.

      PS: I also hope you never blend in. Besos to you!

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

      Empty words continue to be built in this psychotic house of nothingness. True original thought is the prey, the endangered species in this internet world and I'm forced to drink alka sletzer to deal with the churn and burn of my stomach as I watch the slow death march to 1984; where the thought police will tag those rising above the cesspool as dangerous, extreme, and disruptive. Some people may not want to be on the fringe; lonely and desparate, they may want to stay in, slowly wither, become the dust blending among the dunes in the empty oasis. I hope to never blend in and I hope there is always a torch ready to be stuck under my ass if I start becoming...mediocre.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi Linda, thanks for your comment! One thing that I believe about mediocrity: It's a worldwide ailment, USA may suffer it but they don't hold exlusive rights :-)

    • Linda MS Enos profile image

      Linda Mi Suk Enos 7 years ago from Beautiful Manoa Valley

      "First and foremost, I despise the attitude against people who aspire to do better. Ironically, more often than not mediocrity is NOT defined by one's own deeds, but by the lack of them," Thank You for putting a smile on my face & forsing me to comment, that I can relate to these words and appreciate the use of your entertainingly eloquent vocabulary to describe what's really out there. It is all the reasons why we, in USA still succumb to the many political & corporate bullies that seem to dominate our world it starts at home, goes to school, then works for and becomes a part of a world's cycle of as the world turns. As all recovering persons will announce, Awareness is always the key :) I wish everyone Peace, love, & prosperity, as well as good health to enjoy life & balance to sustain it all once you get to where you must. Have a great day!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hi Ethel! Somebody definitely rattled my cage, and rocked my boat and all of that :-) You're right, cyber gang culture is like any other gang culture (high school gang mentality I remember with particular distate): mediocre. In fact, it reminds me of that movie with Spencer Tracy being mobbed out of his hair by a gang, and come time to judge all these gangsters they all said it handn't been their idea, which was true, it was an idea born of someone but the gang pushed each other to lynch this guy. That's what the gang does to people, it's not that they can't think for themselves, it's that they justify not thinking because nobody else seems to be doing it. Mediocre and in some cases criminal. Somebody rattled my cage indeed! :-)

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Well I have to say I agree. However we will all be guilty at times due to various reasons.

      The cyber gang culture is very like the work place and the school playground.

      Amusing Hub. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Ps who rattled your cage lol

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Elena, glad I could give you a good laugh. The world is soooo short on laughter these days! And if we're still living in caves, then I applaud you for getting one with such a marvelous terrace! Absolutely nothing "mediocre" about the view from it either! Besos!

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hey, robie! I'll take arrogance over mediocrity any day :-) Einstein can't be accused of mediocrity, nor can Christ as Jama said, much as the majority of his followers and prime examples of the sin :-P Thank you for the thumbs up (I'm counting them, you know!)

      FP, don't spread the word, I don't know what'll become of me if word gets out! :-P

      Trooper, glad you laughed out loud, I'm sure it's the very best medicine to cure all ailments, including mediocrity, not that I recall you needing a cure ;-)

    • trooper22 profile image

      trooper22 7 years ago from Chicago

      ROFL!!! This article is outstanding in the first degree. Alas, I must bow down to your skill while not making excuses for being guilty of mediocrity myself. I'll not apologize; instead I will strive to achieve the bar in which you have so valiantly set with this piece of wit and candor.

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 7 years ago

      Even your rants aren't mediocre, Elena! :P

    • robie2 profile image

      Roberta Kyle 7 years ago from Central New Jersey

      Hello Elena-- What a wonderful hub and definitely NOT mediocre:-) I like your breakdown of mediocrity one and two. Funny thing is, I have never, ever thought of myself as mediocre in any way at all so I am secure in the knowledge that you are not talking about me here--talk about arrogance:-) But in any case, I am a bit eccentric and I like people who think outside the box and I totally agree that much of the world's creativity comes from people who are just a little bit different. Einstein leaps to mind but there are many.

      Good to see you and to read your always wonderful, delightfully creative prose. Thumbs up up up.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Hey there, ghost - I'm sure we've all been subjected to one form of mediocrity or another. It's impossible not to, in the world we live in. Why, raising the bar takes effort and why sweat it, if I can be eating a pizza in front of TV, never ever having a single diverging thought? Let "dancing with the stars" play on! :-)

      Jama! Such a frigging coincidence that we posted on the same day! Now, who said we aren't still living in the caves? :D But seriously, what you said about Christ (that pesky guy!), I had to catch my breath before responding, I hadn't laughed so hard in a while! Are you right! Ay mamma mia! We should do this more often, it certainly beats "dancing with the stars"! Laugh!

      Violet, appreciate the thumbs up, it's going to amount to yours, and the friends before you who, of course, I paid up to come up here and say some nice things to me! Laugh! Silliness aside, I'm glad you laugh at the 5 year old poems, I wasn't sure anyone would 'round here, so it's a kudos your way, thank you!

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      Elena: We both write about different subjects, hehe, but yet we follow each other and I won't have it any other way! :) I do enjoy your perspectives, they are down to earth and oh, so true, even we may not agree 100%, and that's okay. I chuckled at the 5 year old poems. Up with quality and passion!

      Thumbs up, not down! ;)

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 7 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      ROTFL! You rock, girl! Out here in the sticks, what you call "gang mediocrity" is known as "the herd mentality" (or "Republicans"). The absolute bottom of gang mediocrity? "Christian" Republicans. Can't stand anyone who thinks differently than they do. Never occurs to this bunch that their Savior would've lived to be a very old man had he kept his mouth shut and blended in with the crowd.

      And you are absolutely correct about the attitude *against* people who aspire to do better. If it weren't for people who weren't satisfied with mediocrity, we'd still be living in caves and rubbing sticks together to make fire.

      Thanks for sharing a great rant! Now I'll go drink a latte and hug a tree. ;D

    • profile image

      ghost 7 years ago

      I love this article. I think we all know about these people and have probably even been sugbjected to them

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Laughing Mom, I think you did it prety well, *for someone who was listening*, but of course if the audience isn't ready to listen because it's so mediocre that its already made up it's collective mind, then a nobel prize could be posting and it wouldn't make a difference. Gang mediocrity at it's best, I say.

      Still, the fact that nobody listens and you're still ready to speak makes you so NOT mediocre that you ought to be proud of yourself.

    • Elena. profile image

      Elena. 7 years ago from Madrid

      Candie, if I made you laugh, as opposed to scream and shout, then I will absolve you from the sin itself! Laugh! That crab image is SO apt, I'll give you brownie points for it!

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Is LM back??

      I live surrounded by people who thrive on mediocrity. It's so frustrating. I cost me my ability to write for a long time, but I'm trying to come out of it. Thank you for writing this, and I agree with LM - Say it again!

    • profile image

      Laughing mom 7 years ago

      I'm not really laughing. I can't because I'm too busy nodding and saying "YES Elena!"

      You couldn't have said it better. I attempted to a few days ago, but fell considerably short. So I am so glad you of wise words were able to voice exactly how I feel.

      "Ironically, more often than not mediocrity is NOT defined by one's own deeds, but by the lack of them, and more to the point, by critiquing, blaming and even verbally abusing every single effort done by others who seek to raise the bar."

      Say it again, Elena. And again. And again.

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 7 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Oh crap Elena! I was laughing so hard at your warning, I could barely read the text!

      This reminded me of the vat of crabs at the grocery store. One crab tries to climb out, the others pull it down. Over and over the climb happens, and over and over the pulling down. Keep climbing girl, and if by some stroke of luck I get a bit higher than you, I'll pull you up!