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Memory Improvement

Updated on December 11, 2013

Memory Improvement Techniques

How to Improve Your Memory

The purpose of this lens is to introduce you to how memory works and offer some easy memory improvement techniques that you can use in your everyday life to increase your memory recall and brain function.

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Why Improve Memory And Concentration?

Why improve memory and concentration? Memory and concentration are intrinsically important to most tasks that we accomplish every day. For students to achieve at school they require a high level of memory concentration to get those good grades and land that great job. In the work force employers are looking for people who have above average job performance and production - both of which require memory concentration.

And interestingly these traits are also important to the development of long-term relationships. We were made to be in relationship with each other. Why improve memory concentration in situations where it appears not to be important? Because each situation in which we find ourselves memory concentration is extremely important.

How can we improve memory concentration? You will see a decline in your skills as you grow older. But age isn't the only factor and definitely not the biggest. People who suffer from depression often have deficits in their memory and concentration skills. Also, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and poor sleep patterns all contribute to poor skills and minds that are less than sharp.

Without good memory and concentration your performance and production decreases causing you to take longer to achieve a task than would normally be expected. This has implications for students and employees alike. Our work force works longer and longer hours as countries compete to be the first at everything. These hours impact our home lives, family lives and sleep patterns, which in turn have a negative effect on our ability to concentrate and decreases our production.

The older you get the more sleep you'll require to achieve optimal functioning. So while 5-6 hours may do the trick before 30 once you hit that benchmark you'll require 6-7 hours to achieve the same level of production. You can improve your sleep patterns, increase the amount of exercise you get and improve your nutrition with foods that improve memory.

If improving these factors does not appear to have a positive impact on your concentration then you should consider seeing a doctor since you may be exhibiting subtle signs of an illness such as sleep apnea.

People who want to answer why improve memory concentration also can continue to do 'student' type activities to keep their brains sharp. This might include taking a class on a topic with which you are not familiar, reading philosophy or historical information, which requires more concentration to understand, or completing cross word puzzles. These tasks will help to improve your memory and concentration.

Your memory and concentration will also improve when you are doing tasks that you enjoy. The turning point in your life to improve your memory and concentration will have a positive effect on all aspects of your life. You will find that you can follow conversations more easily, production increases, and you are more alert.

Why improve memory concentration? I believe that you have enough evidence to answer that question and start on your journey of positive self-improvement. You'll be more than pleasantly surprised by the results!

Remember More Names This Easy Way

Communication expert Dr. Bill Lampton gives you 7 tips that will greatly improve your memory of names. Easy--and they work.

How to Improve Your Memory With Games

To use games to improve your memory you first have to have an understanding of what memory is. There are actually several types of memory. There is the picture you hold in your mind of your first home. There is the knowledge that New York is called the Big Apple. There is the ability to ride a bike or knowing the face of the people you love. And there is the telephone number you learned just five minutes ago.

Amazingly all of these processes depend upon memory.

When a person memorizes a phone number that they dial and promptly forget they are using working memory. This type of memory is fragile and unless you commit the data to long-term memory the information is quickly gone. Researchers believe that you have the ability to easily remember 7 bits of data quickly but more than that is difficult. This is why you can remember the telephone number but need the credit card in front of you when you order online.

Long-term memory happens when you attach a new memory to another that has already been committed to memory. For instance the cell phone number of your neighbor is 'attached' to the memory of the face of your neighbor.

There are ways of improving your short-term memory ability by using games. One game to improve your memory is storytelling. Storytelling is a way to remember the information you need committed to long-term memory. The story connects the ideas and facts making them easier to recall. It also a way to increase participation which increases memory - as opposed to the use of a laundry list of items.

For instance, when you are storytelling you make up images of what is happening. This is a very powerful memory improvement technique that will also help you to achieve your goals. Set your goal, tell it in a story of your life and 'see' yourself in the story. Use that story each day to commit this memory to long-term memory and increase the possibility that it will happen.

This can be a fun game to improve your memory when done with a group. Practice by laying out a group of items on the table and try to remember them. Each member takes a turn adding the object to the story. Once the objects are included in the story the objects are taken away and everyone sees who can remember the most objects.

Go Fish is another game to improve your memory that is fun to play alone or with friends. Use a standard deck of playing cards and remove 2 of the 4 suits. Leave yourself with 2 of each number and picture card. Now, with the 24 cards (making sure all have a match), place them face down on the floor or table. Move them around so you don't know where each is located. One at a time pick up a card and then another trying to find the match. If there is no match put them back where they were and try again. This helps to improve your short-term memory. Time yourself to see how much faster you can do it each time.

Another inexpensive game to help improve your memory is using a puzzle - but put it together without referring back to the picture on the box. Look at the picture first, giving yourself a couple of minutes; mix up the pieces and work on putting them back together.

In March 2007 Reuters news bureau reported that using computer games that are designed to help memory and cognitive function may be better than classic games at delaying age-related mental decline. There is a new group of games designed for older adults from Nintendo and Mattel, based on studies that show older people can improve their brains.

In a study at the University of California researchers studied 45 patients who had diagnosed mild cognitive impairment using either the Posit Science Brain Fitness program by Mattel or comparable computer-based tasks. The group using the Posit program had a significant improvement in visual spatial memory and a trend toward short-term and long-term memory improvement.

More research is showing that our cognitive abilities are not stagnant and that like a muscle if we don't use it we lose it. Exercise your brain power and play some memory games to improve your memory!

Memory Improvement Feat

Nishant Kasibhatla was challenged to memorize a 100 digits number and he did it!

Memory Improvement Games

Some memory improvement games that you can play right now.

Games are not just for those that want a break from reality. More and more people are using specific games as a tool to help improve their memory function. Great results are not only being seen in memory recall but also improved focus and concentration.

According to the latest studies, best results are achieved by those who spend at least fifteen minutes a day playing memory geared games. For some of the best memory improvement games - click the button below.


Memory Improvement Tips With Sleep - Sleep - The Foundation Of Good Health & Memory

Memory Improvement Tip

An easy way to remember things.

Many studies on human memory have indicated that we can easily remember harebrained, idiotic things. The good news is you can make the best of this mortal trait by turning your chores into silly scenarios.

As an example, let's say you need to pick up some apples, carrots and bread at the grocery store. You can imagine a man with an apple for a head, carrots for his arms, and a slice of bread for his body.

The more bizarre the scene you use in your mind, the easier it will be for you to remember what you need to do.

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      Nice lens and good tips on improving memory. I think we all need to incorporate some techniques to keep out memory cells alive...thanks for sharing these tips!

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      I think we all could go for a little memory improvement! ;)

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